Persian Chicken (Morgh)

persian chicken morgh

This authentic and delicious dish is a typical Iranian recipe. It’s quite flavorful, and thanks to the saffron, it has nice color and aroma. This dish is always served with a kind of rice. It can be Plain rice, jeweled rice (zereshk polow), or any other kind of rice. This recipe is only for making …

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Kotlet (Persian Cutlet)

kotlet persian cutlet

Kotlet is a delicious Iranian version of a ground meat patty. This is a kind of dish that can be served warm or cold, plain or with bread, at home or at a picnic. It is the kind of food that moms usually have to hide while cooking cause. Otherwise, half of the patties will be …

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Mahi Shekam Por (Stuffed Fish)

mahi shekam por stuffed fish

Fish represents life, so fish dishes figure prominently at meals during Nowruz, the two-week Persian new year celebration that begins with spring. Most of the dishes served during the Nowruz or Norooz holidays have herbs as a symbol of rebirth or fish that represents life. There are other Norooz Specialty dishes, such as Noodle Rice, Herb Omelette, or Herb Rice …

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Abgoosht (Lamb Chickpea Soup)

abgoosht lamb chickpea soup

Abgoosht is one of the most traditional Iranian foods. It is also called Dizi, which refers to the traditional stone crock pots it is served in. Hundreds of years ago, Abgoosht was made with lamb and chickpeas. However, later on, when new foods such as potatoes and tomatoes were introduced to Iranian Cuisine, the recipe had some changes. Serving Abgoosht has …

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Khorake Loobia Sabz (Green Bean Stew)

khorake loobia sabz green bean stew

In Persian cuisine, there are plenty of dishes with beans, such as Rice with Green Beans and Rice with Broad Beans, but one of the most popular ones in Iran is Khorake Loobia Sabz, or green bean stew. This stew is made with a mixture of beef, green beans, carrot, potato, onions, and tomato paste. …

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Baghala Polo ba Mahiche (Rice with Broad Beans and Lamb Shank)

baghala polo ba mahiche rice with broad beans and lamb shank

Baghali Polow ba Mahiche is one of the most popular dishes in Iran and is usually served at parties such as wedding ceremonies. The combination of rice with dills and broad beans is called Baghali Polow, and the fork-tender lamb shanks, which are served beside the rice, are called Mahiche. These two parts are served together to …

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Khiar Shoor Pickled Cucumber

khiar shoor pickled cucumber

Do you like khiar shoor pickled cucumber? Pickled Cucumber is a known ingredient all around the world and like many other kinds of pickle is popular among Iranians, as a side dish or an ingredient in some foods like Olivie Salad. I have tried different kinds of pickled cucumbers since living out of Iran and, …

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Baghali Pokhte Cooked Fava Beans

baghali pokhte cooked fava beans

Baghali Pokhte cooked fava beans are a very popular snack in Iran and there are many street vendors who sell it. It is an easy-to-prepare snack high in protein and fiber and also low in fat. Cooked fava beans are usually served with vinegar, salt, and angelica powder. There are two ways of cooking it: …

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Gol Gav Zaban Borage Tea

gol gav zaban borage tea

What do you know about gol gav zaban borage tea? Gol-gav-zaban (Borage) is a herb that originally grows in Iran and a few Mediterranean countries of west Asia, and its dried blue and purple flowers are brewed the same way you brew tea leaves. The flower has a sweet honey-like taste and is one of …

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Chay Persian Tea

chay persian tea

What’s special about Chay Persian Tea? Tea found its way to Persia from India through the Silk Road and soon became Iran´s national drink. Iranians have one of the highest per capita rates of tea consumption in the world and from old times every street has had a Châikhâne (Tea House). Tea houses are still …

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