Hello and welcome to The Persian Pot

My name is Marzie. I am an architect, designer and a passionate cook. I was born and grew up in Iran, living with my family and enjoying the delicious and gorgeous food that my mother cooked with love.

When I was 18 I left my parents’ home and started university studies in a city far from my home town, where I had to cook on my own. The first attempt turned out to be a disaster, but I didn’t give up and kept trying until I learned to cook almost all the popular Iranian dishes, and many of my friends would ask me for recipes of the foods I cooked. I remember having a small notebook where I wrote down the recipes I learned from my mom and sister.

Few years ago I traveled to Barcelona and I continued cooking Persian foods, and each time I would receive a positive feedback from people who tried it. That was when the idea of starting a food blog came to my mind.

About Recipes

The recipes shared on The Persian Pot are either originally Iranian, or just popular among Iranians. Also some of them are labeled as Persianized which refers to non-Iranian recipes that are changed to fit Persian cuisine. The recipes explain all the tips you need to know and are tested several times by my friends, family or myself.

About Photos

Photographs on this blog are taken by a group of talented cooks who work with The Persian Pot. The name of each photographer is mentioned below the recipe´s title and you can contact them individually from the Contact page by mentioning the name of photographer in the beginning of your message.


The Persian Pot either owns the copyright or has the rights to use all photographs on the site. If you would like to use a photo on this site, please contact me to receive the permission. You can republish my photos on other sites as long as there is a working link directing back to the recipe.