Top 10 Best Food Processors – Easy Chopping, Slicing and Shredding

Best Food Processors: Want to make your kitchen life effortless? Do you want to make your lunch and dinner quickly without creating any kitchen mess? Well, the solution to all these problems is solved by the food processor.

Yes, you read that right

A food processor is actually the best invention in the kitchen world. It is your sous kitchen chef. you can do shredding, slicing, mixing and chopping just in seconds. No more food wastage during the shredding of vegetables.

In this article after the utter time of search on market-leading food processor 2021 here, we bring a list of best food processors 2022. The detailed review of these food processors will make your kitchen life more hassle-free.

We will also answer some possible questions at the end of our article that will clear all of your confusions and queries related to these food processor usages.

Best Food Processors Reviews

Cuisinart DFP-14CRM 14-Cup Food Processor

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The Cuisinart DFP-14CRM 14-Cup Food Processor is a versatile and swiftly designed product. It has dimensions of 15.1 x 12.6 x 9.5 inches, and it weighs around 17.31 pounds. It is available in 4 different colours. You can also order this food processor with four various attachments, which vary in its price. 

The material used in making this food processor is stainless steel, making it a durable and long-lasting kitchen product. This food processor has slicing discs, shredding discs, and chopping blades. That amazingly helps in slicing, slicing and chopping in just a few minutes.

The food processor’s electrical consumption is 720watt with innate on and off buttons so a user can use it accordingly. A large 14 cup work bowl can perfectly serve the gatherings of large friends and families. The food processor comes along with a spatula that effectively helps in removing chopping material.

Users are also given the instruction booklet that minimizes their ambiguity of using a food processor. The ones who are not good at making yummy recipes shouldn’t be worried because the recipe book is also there.

This food processor is BPA free and users can quickly chop, slice, and shred material in it as it does not affect the user’s health. It is available in four different colors that beautify the kitchen cabinet with its presence. The food processor does not occupy much space in the kitchen.


  • Durable
  • Large capacity
  • BPA free material
  • Small in size


  • Non-adjustable shredding and slicing blades

Our Conclusion:

Users who want to minimize three tasks in one food processor like chopping, slicing, and shredding can go for this food processor. Its large work bowl serves large gatherings of friends and family. Processing food in this food processor is recommended as it is BPA free and does not affect users’ health.

Oster FPSTFP1355 2-Speed 10-Cup Food Processor

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A user can enhance its cooking skills with the help of other food processing machines. It is a multitasking gadget that grinds, chop, and kneads the material amazingly in just a few minutes and saves time. The food processor is made up of stainless steel and a size of 10 cup that makes enough meals to serve a gathering of friends.

The dough blades let a user make perfect fresh pizza at home confidently. A user can enjoy fresh and yummy bread at home due to an efficient working food processor. Stainless steel S-shape blades perfectly chop anything which a user wants to chop, either salads or desserts.

Making fresh coleslaw is also solved as the food processor comes with a shred disc that quickly shreds all the fresh vegetables perfectly. There is no more hecticness of making fresh fruit salads at home because a sharp slicer or food processor does it for you in just a second.

The wide mouth chute is 5 inches in width that eradicates the prep work for large fruits and vegetables, and makes it easy for the user. The processing of food is done more precisely with the 2-speed pulse buttons of the food processor. The electrical consumption of the food processor is 500 watts.

The bowl’s size is so convenient that blades and other accessories can easily be placed in it. It comes up with an instruction book that helps users who find any difficulty in its usage. The food processor’s size is ideal; it doesn’t occupy much space in the kitchen cabinet.


  • Sharp dough blades
  • Powerful motor
  • Hassle-free storage
  • Stainless steel sharp blades
  • 2-speed with the pulse button


  • The locking mechanism is not so good

Our Conclusion:

This versatile food processor allows its user to enjoy the flavors of fresh and yummy loaves of bread and at home. A user can make fresh salads and mayonnaise for their meals. It doesn’t occupy much space in the kitchen but reduces the workforce of chopping, grinding, and kneading. And also saves time for the user.

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processor

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The Breville BFP800XL sous chef food processor gives the material’s perfection in chopping, grinding, dicing, shredding, and kneading. The performance of this gadget is a professional. The food processor dimension is 12.2*12.9*6.5 inches, made up of stainless steel.

The smooth S-shape blade’s smooth working gives extraordinary cutting, chopping, and mixing all ingredients well. The whole vegetable which is chopped can easily be inserted through a wide chute without opening the entire lid. Slice thickness can be set as accordingly.

The food processor’s timing gets easily set by the user as the multidirectional feature never disappoints the user. Fast processing of chopping, grinding, and mixing is due to the food processor’s high working motor. If a user wants to prepare meals for large and small gatherings, they can have two work bowls.

For convenience, the checkup LCD shows the processing time on the food processor machine. The storage box saves the kitchen from any mess as all the food processor equipment can store after usage. The mini bowl of the food processor provides perfect chopping in small quantities.

The food processor comes up with spatulas that help in the proper removal of the chopped material from the bowl. The working part of the processor in which food is chopped and sliced is BPA free which does not affect the health. If a user is facing a shortage of time and friends are on the way, they can prepare meals in seconds.


  • LCD for time checking
  • BPA free material
  • Wide chute for food insertion
  • Safe to use
  • Free from vibration


  • Heavyweight

Our Conclusion:

This food processor has work bowls that vary in size, and a user can make meals in them according to the number of persons in gatherings. Chopping, mixing, and grinding fruits and vegetables is fast and fair. The chute feature of the processor lessens a load of food prep as the whole fruit and vegetable can be chopped because it saves time too.

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor

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Cuisinart DLC-2ABC is a small gadget that is very helpful in preparing food in small quantities. This food processor chops the herbs finely, grinds the hard cheese, and performs the task in just a second. The working bowl is 24 ounces made up of stainless steel with dimensions 5.00*4.00*9.25 that can easily be placed in the cabinet.

The food processing machine is multi-tasking and saves time for the user. The food processor’s availability is in two colors: brushed chrome and nickel that adds beauty to the kitchen with its presence. The hygiene of the food processor can be maintained as it can clean easily.

It comes along with the spatula that helps in removing all the ground material from the bowl. The food processor’s packaging also has the recipe booklet, which is a good source of recipes. A user can make yummy salad dressing or mayonnaise and enjoy their meal.

The work bowl, blades, cover, and spatula after usage get easily washed with a dishwasher. If a user is in a hurry and has to make meals, the family can chop and dice the vegetables in just a few seconds. The food processor’s Pulse option helps the user chop the material according to the desired size.

 This food processor is BPA free so that a user can chop and grind the food in it without any health risk. It has an 18-month warranty if a user finds that the machine’s slow working, can get it fixed quickly. Efficient working blades reduce the workforce and save time too.


  • Multi-tasking ability
  • Versatile
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sharp blades
  • Elegant design


  • Noisy

Our Conclusion:

This efficient mini food processor is impressive as it is versatile and can chop and grind food in just a few seconds. Placing this mini gadget in your kitchen enhances the beauty of the kitchen shelf. It is easy to clean and BPA free this lessens the risks of health issues. Small meal preparation can effectively be done with this food processor.

Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor 

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Hamilton beach food processor has a capacity of 8 cups and makes a variety of food in a few minutes. It is black and made up of stainless steel provides an ease to the user with its efficient working. Now kitchen prep work becomes more effortless.

With the invention of this food, processor life becomes so easy, and in less time, a lot of meals can be prepared. Sharp S shape blade chop and grind the material in less time. Fine shredding and chopping are obtained because of the reversible blades.

The electrical consumption of this gadget is 450 watts. The lid of the Processor hinders the spreading of the material and keeps the surrounding clean. Whole fruit and vegetables can add up in the work bowl through the wide chute that saves food prep time.

The feature that grabs the user’s attraction is speed control, as it allows them to stop and start the Processor accordingly. The Processor’s lid can turn over, which is very beneficial as it can easily be placed in the cabinet.

Fresh purees and dips can be at home, hygienically at home that adds more yummy flavours with snacks and meals. The placement of the food processor in your kitchen cabinet adds beauty to it. The presence of this efficient working food processor removes the tension of serving large gatherings.


  • Durable
  • Sharp blades
  • Fast working
  • Hassle-free speed control


  • Slicing is a bit difficult 

Our Conclusion:

A unique and fast working food processor allows a user to add whole fruit and vegetables to it. This Processor does not occupy much space in the user’s kitchen. The sharp working blades makes the life of the user much more comfortable.

BLACK+DECKER 1.5-Cup Electric Food Chopper

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Black decker, as its name, indicates that it is black and slightly larger. This food processor is 6.5*4*5 inches and made up of plastic, which means it is lighter in weight. It allows a user to prepare side dishes quickly and easily.

Stainless steel bi-level blades of the food processor give you a long-running performance. A working cup with a capacity of 1.5 helps make dips, salsa, and pesto at a small level. So a user can enjoy snacks plus dips at teatime.

To avoid a mess in the food processor’s working bowl, during mincing and chopping humus and vinaigrette, add oil drops through oil holes. Simple and more comfortable chopping is at a single click of a one-touch pulse button that makes the life of a user more comfortable.

Cleaning and maintaining the machine’s hygienity is convenient as the parts can get washed under the running water with the dishwasher easily. The food processor’s motor consumes 70-watt electricity, which is the perfect amount for chopping and grinding a variety of materials.

The warranty of the food processor is 2 years. If a user finds slow working of the Processor, can get it repaired by the company. The Processor’s lid stops the mess of the chopping material from coming out and keeps the shelves clean.


  • Stainless steel bi-level blades
  • Perfect for chopping and mixing
  • Hygiene
  • Easy to clean
  • 2-years warranty


  • Design is not so good

Our Conclusion:

This Processor helps users a lot in fine mincing, chopping, and grinding a large variety of the material quickly. A small-capacity bowl makes dip and salsa at home in a proper hygienic environment. An efficient working motor has perfect electrical consumption that prepares large meals in a short time.

ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper and Manual Food Processor 

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The Zyliss easy pull food is a multiskilled gadget that is perfect for chopping, dicing, blending and pureeing an ingredient. Zyliss is an expert in making more than 200 kitchens essential equipment that lowers manual workload. This food processor is durable.

A multitasking food processor is available in red colour made up of stainless steel with a 5.5*5.5*5.2inches. Its presence enhances the beauty of the kitchen. The working of the food processor is magical; it blends and chops the material and even makes ice creams.

 The processor’s usage is relatively easy, placing one hand on the bowl and stretching the rubber with the other hand, and the ingredient is chopped. If the user is craving some spicy salsa, add all the ingredients and give five pulls spicy salsa is ready.

 The packing and storing of this food processor are comfortable as the handles can get folded on the top, and it doesn’t occupy much space in the cabinet. It serves a fresh topping for pizza and bread by adding cheese, garlic, oil, nuts, and basil in a bowl, giving 8 pulls to it. 

Zyliss has a warranty of 5 years. If any issue occurs in the working of the processor, it can be repaired. It is light in weight and portable, which makes camping with friends more yummilicious. A food processor is BPA free which means it does not affect the health of the user.


  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Multifunction
  • Safe working
  • Perfect blending and chopping
  • 5-yeard warranty


  • Not efficient in food blending 

Our Conclusion:

The food processor is very easy to use. On the other hand, it is multitasking prepares food in a few seconds and makes life easier. It is portable and can be used in camping for making delicious meals with friends and family. In summers refreshing and chilled smoothies can be made.

BLACK+DECKER 8-Cup Food Processor

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A black decker food processor is excellent for grinding, chopping, mixing, and mincing the material. It is larger and can easily adjust large quantities of a substance in it. The food processor is available in black color made up of plastic and consumes 450-watt electricity.

Stainless steel blades of the food processor finely chop the ingredients and give excellent results quickly. Its working bowl can occupy material and make peanut butter and hummus, making tea times and breakfasts healthy.

A large food chute on the top of its lid saves food preparation as the whole vegetable, and block cheese can add. The push-button on the food processor lets you control the working of the machine. The cleanliness of the food processor parts is relatively easy and can be washed under running water.

One feature that attracts users is a safety interlocking system in which blades only work when the lid is tightly closed. The efficient working of the food processor reduces the workload of the kitchen.

The 8 cup food processor is excellent in chopping, grinding, mincing, and shredding the ingredient in large amounts. On short notice, if your friends are joining you at dinner, it will make a lot of delicious and mouth-watering recipes in seconds.  


  • Push-button control
  • Large capacity
  • Tight lid
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Razor-sharp stainless steel blades


  • Noisy

Our Conclusion:

The placement of this gadget in your kitchen beautifies it and lessens the burden of your kitchen work. Due to the large chute on top of the food processor, no more food preps are required as the whole ingredient can be ground that makes life more comfortable.

Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor

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Braun 12 cup food processor removes the hecticness of cutting and chopping vegetables with a knife. It is made in Europe on the pattern of german engineering giving a superb performance. The grinding jar’s capacity varies according to the ingredient, but the result will be up to the mark.

The food processor is present in white colour. It allows you to enjoy the bakery’s fresh flavours at home as it perfectly kneads the dough. If you want to energize yourself, this food processor will make nutritious and healthy shakes.

Dual control system gives you the option of setting the speed of the food processor accordingly. You can start or stop it whenever you want, or you can create it at 11 rates giving the fabulous result in any case. It requires 600-watt electrical consumption, which is suitable for chopping and grinding.

The washable parts can easily get washed with the help of a dishwasher so that the food processor’s cleanliness can be maintained. The food processor has a warranty of one year if you feel the company’s slow processing can be repaired effectively.

The working bowl gets fixed on the motor and works efficiently, giving the desired result of chopping, mixing, and kneading of the ingredient. The operating bowl will not work until the lid is not closed correctly. Otherwise, a mess will create on the shelf.


  • Superb performance
  • Trouble-free washing
  • High-speed motor
  • Mess-free working
  • Excellent durability


  • Its base has no suction cups 

Our Conclusion:

The food processor’s design is so elegant that it can easily be stored in the cabinet and will not occupy much space. This food processor makes life easier and comfortable, no more hectic, cutting veggies and kneading dough at home.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack 

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 In Hamilton Beach 12cup no need for fixing and twisting of the working bowl required. Stack the bowl on the motor, and your food is ground. It has the dimensions of 9.5*8.7*16.25 inches. Its carrying capacity varies according to the ingredients.

The food processor is an expert in chopping, mixing, shredding, slicing, and puree formation in a few seconds and making the user’s life more comfortable. The reversible slice helps slice cucumbers, peppers, carrots, and cheese.

The large chute allows you to add the whole ingredient to the processing bowl and saves your time of pre-cutting so that you can enjoy it. The guide book comes with a food processor that is very helpful in using the food processor.

All the parts are BPA free which means that there will be no health issue in using this processor. Its packaging includes a bowl, lid, and s shape blades. The lid helps grind as it keeps the ingredient inside and reduces the mess.

This food processor makes life easier and comfortable. As it chops, grinds, and mixes all the material well because it consumes 450-watt electrical energy, which is perfect for working. Its presence in the kitchen beautifies it. You can serve yummy meals to your friends and family conveniently.


  • S shape blades
  • Durable to use
  • Mess-free kitchen working
  • Saves time
  • Large chute


  • Lacks in quality

Our Conclusion:

If you want to ease in your life and yummy food too, grab this food processor. It chops, grinds, and mixes all ingredients very well. The carrying capacity of a bowl varies according to the type of material to be added. The large chute saves time as no more pre-cutting of veggies to be done with a knife.

best food processors

What to look for when buying a food processor

The buying of food processors is not a tricky and time-consuming thing. Like other kitchen gadgets, you can buy the best food processor in just a few seconds. In this section to make your purchase hassle-free, we will describe some of the crucial buying factors of food processors. Let’s have a look at the essential buying factors below.


In the market, different brands are manufacturing different types of food processors. They differ in their capacity. Some are for small food mixing while others are for large food mixing. Basically, they have divided into two categories based upon their capacity. 12 cups capacity food processors are the larger one while 6 cups capacity ones are the mini food processors. You can buy the best capacity food processor according to your need. For large families, the large food processor is best while for small families a mini food processor is the excellent option to buy.


The blades of the food processor are the most important thing. If their blades are made by low-quality material you can not get your desired results. On the other side the blades rusting issue is another biggest problem during food blending. While buying the food processor must check its blade material and sharpness. 


Different accessories are packed with different types of food processors that make your kitchen work easier. With all food processors, there is a work bowl that makes the mixing and chopping trouble-free. Besides this, in basic accessories, there is also a slicing and shredding disc included in the package. The other accessories that further aid your kitchen work includes a dough blade, dicing accessories, small blades and work bowl. 

best food processors


The weight of the food processor is another important factor that you should consider while making the final purchase. Mostly people like lightweight and easy portable gadgets. But in a food processor, a heavyweight processor is the best one to buy. The reason behind its weight is that its heavyweight base will give you a more safe and secure environment for all types of chopping and blending work. If the machine is light at eight you may have to face the processor vibration during the work. Moreover, the vibration of the food processor during work is a dangerous thing as it can create a circuit break and a big mess in your kitchen.


Most food processors come up with the only one-speed setting. While others have three-speed functions in which high, medium and low settings are included. Moreover, the pulse setting is also a good thing in the processor speed settings. It allows you to do food chopping according to your need. Furthermore, it helps you to do very fine chopping in just a few seconds. From our side, we recommend you to buy a three-speed food processor as it allows you to do food mixing and chopping according to your requirement. 


Different brands offer different years of warranty on their food processing units. Some come up with 1 years warranty while some have 5 years of warranty. The product warranty somehow saves your money for some time period. From our side, we recommend you to buy a food processor machine with at least 1-2 years of warranty. 


The price of food processors varies with their capacity and functions. Large food processors are more expensive than mini food processors. You can buy a durable mini food processor for under 50$ easily. But for a large capacity big processor, you have to pay extra dollars. 

best food processors

FAQ’s – Best Food Processors 

What is the best food processor for home use?

The Cuisinart DFP-14CRM 14-Cup Food Processor is the best food processor for home use. Its fast speed and durability allow you to make more delicious and mouthwatering recipes without creating any kitchen mess. Moreover its 

What food processor do professional chefs use?

The Oster FPSTFP1355 2-Speed 10-Cup Food Processor mostly the professional chefs uses. They prefer to sue it because of its 12- cups capacity. With this food processor, you can prepare a large amount of meal within seconds. Its fast speed further aids your food chopping, mixing and slicing work.

Is it worth buying a food processor?

Yes, the buying of food processors is worth your money. It helps you to cook lengthy dishes more quickly. Besides this, it not only saves your time but also makes your kitchen mess-free. There is no need to buy any type of expensive tools for food mixing and chopping. Your one-time investment in a food processor will give you a kitchen rest of at least 3 years.

What should I look for when buying a food processor?

The buying of food processors is not much complicated. You should only have to check its capacity, speed, accessories, attachments, blades, warranty, weight, storage and price. The analysis of these factors will make your buying as easy as ABC.

Should I buy a blender or food processor?

A blender is a different machine while the purpose of the food processor is different. Basically, the blender is used for mixing and lending of more liquid things. On the other side, the food processor is used to mix some raw materials or solid food things. The blender is a perfect gadget to make smoothies and soups. On the other side, a food processor is an excellent gadget for food chopping and slicing.

Final Words on Best Food Processors 

Rolling up the article we hope that you like our review list of the best food processors. All the above mentioned selected marketing leading food processors will make your life kitchen as easy as pie. Their flawless working will let you make more delicious and mouthwatering recipes daily.

From our side, we personally recommend the top three best food processes from our list.