Top 10 Best Blenders Under $100 – Expert Reviews

Best Blenders Under $100: It’s easy to feel like you have to sacrifice good performance for a low price when you’re shopping for a blender. You can’t carry your kitchen without a blender. When it comes to making smoothies, shakes, and sauces, a blender is a great tool for blending them quickly and easily. You can also use it to cook.

Blenders under the $100 mark typically do not offer many attachments and have basic controls, but they may struggle with hard ingredients like nuts or be unable to process hot foods.

Due to the many blenders, you can find today, there are a variety of budget-friendly options you can choose from.

We gathered first-hand experience along with YouTube reviews, consumer reviews, and other sources to complete the guide for the top blenders in this price range.

The simple-to-read table shows the top choices at a glance, alongside reviews that go into more detail about each model.

Best Blender Under $100 Reviews

With this article, we’re going to look at the best blenders under $100, which are designed to give you great performance and functionality for all of your cooking needs.

Ninja Professional 72 Oz

[amazon box=”B00NGV4506″ ]

A Ninja professional blender has an affordable price and offers a commercial-grade blender. There is a 1000W motor on the container, which has a size of 72 ounces. Furthermore, this motor features a particular design called “Crushing Technology” that makes the blender incredibly powerful for all tasks. Making smoothies can be quicker and easier with this technology.

Regardless of the input ingredients, the blending process will take about 30 seconds. Blending frozen fruit, sauces, or purees can be done in a variety of ways.

Your family or group of friends will appreciate the ease with which you can prepare large quantities of icy drinks, smoothies, or shakes when you have the large countertop blender.

Five buttons make it easy to use this plastic container. Just a second or two is all it takes to blend frozen fruits or ice. In addition to having six blades, this blender is extremely powerful and fast in all modes. Its motor base and container are also easy to clean.


  • Powered by a 1000-watt motor
  • The container is 72 ounces in size
  • Snow in seconds by crushing ice
  • Easy-to-use buttons and blades with 5 buttons and 6 blades
  • Stylish and highly rated

Nutribullet Nbr – 1201

[amazon box=”B007TIE0GQ” ]

One of the best small blenders worth buying is the NutriBullet NBR, which is among the best blenders under $100. A blender like this one is a great way to start leading a healthy lifestyle while consuming nutritious drinks. NutriBullet NBR’s 600W motor and nutrient extraction blades allow it to extract nutrients in a faster way.

The machine can thus be used to blend a large variety of fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, frozen strawberries, frozen apples, frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, and others, depending on your preference.

In addition to the high-torque power base, NutriBullet NBR blenders have 12 pieces of accessories, including a milling blade, an extractor blade, a tall cup, a short cup, a lip ring, stay-fresh reusable lids, manual, and pocket nutritionists. Those are all ready to be blended into delicious smoothies.

Furthermore, this blender utilizes an exclusive extraction technique incorporating a high-torque motor and special extractor blades that allow cyclonic action to be created. A technique such as this will provide you with the most essential and nutritious nutrients present almost inside the seeds or skins. Once complete, you can make a smoothie in seconds.

It is, therefore, unnecessary to waste time preparing your favourite and healthy drink to take along with you on the go. Additionally, these cups are safe and easy to clean.

NutriBuller blender is an excellent choice to prepare healthy and nutritious drinks that will also help you to lose weight, relieve joint pain, and prevent many diseases. Portable yet powerful, it is durable and easy to use.

Starting with this small but outstanding blender, you can make the most of your meals and get the most out of your life. If you are looking for an amazing blender for your home or to give a special gift to your loved ones, this is the best choice.


  • Blender accessories 12 pieces
  • Base motor with 600W of torque
  • The most nutritious parts are taken with a special extractor blade
  • Plastic cups that are BPA-free
  • Easy to clean and reasonable price


  • It is not ideal for large families or parties

Magic Bullet

[amazon box=”B012T634SM” ]

On the market, you can find several reasonable blenders for crushing nuts, and seeds and blending smoothies, juices and shakes. However, the Magic Bullet blender is the one that offers the most value. Even though it is small, a small family can make good money from it. Featuring durability and multifunctions, this blender makes a great kitchen companion.

One of the accessories included with the Magic Bullet is a blender, an extra blender, blades, cups, a recipe book, etc. Making smoothies, shakes, and other special drinks is easy, and you can create them in whatever way you like.

The container does not contain any glass, but it is made of highly compressed plastic which makes it very durable. Furthermore, this blender is powered by a powerful 250 Watt motor that is adequate for its size.

Your life is made more enjoyable when you use the Magic Bullet to prepare healthy drinks in a matter of seconds, saving you time and enabling you to enjoy your life to the fullest. The provided recipe book also allows you to experiment with different fruit combinations, Nuts and vegetables. Considering its price, friends and families will love giving it to each other.


  • Blender accessories 11 pieces
  • Base motor with a torque of 250W
  • The best price with top ratings
  • There is a dishwasher-safe top-rack and cups


  • Small size and not appropriate for large family gatherings or parties

Hamilton Beach

[amazon box=”B00EI7DPI0″ ]

If you want a blender that comes with a huge capacity but comes at an affordable price, Hamilton Beach is the best selection. It uses a specialized “Wave action technology” to blend everything together smoothly.

A 700-watt peak motor performs extremely well especially when it comes to crushing ice in Hamilton Beach. Because of this, it is capable of blending many types of frozen fruit smoothies or iced drinks.

There are also 12 different functions to choose from, which are operated by 5 buttons. With its no-mess pour spout and hinged lid, it makes your tasks easier than ever before.

You can prepare a great deal of food and drinks with a large glass container. In addition to being dishwasher safe, both blades and jars can easily be removed and cleaned. With its programmable functions and large capacity, this blender is perhaps the best for under $100. You can be confident in its performance due to its long warranty period.


  • Outstanding performance with a 700W motor base/
  • 5 buttons for easy control and 12 programmed functions
  • Technology that uses wave action
  • Dishwasher-safe glass jar
  • Pouring spout and hinged cap provide a mess-free pouring experience


  • There is no option to replace the blade

Black+decker – 10 Speeds with Pulse Function

[amazon box=”B009NIRA1M” ]

There are several household products that are under the BLACK+DECKER brand name, such as electric filet knives, air fryers, steam cleaners, portable lighting, and portable power. A Black + Decker kitchen contains almost everything you need.

A renowned manufacturer of blenders, they make containers with a size of 40 ounces that are suitable for freezing mixers, making soup and smoothies, etc. In order to reduce the total weight and make the product more comfortable, a plastic jar (separately purchased) can also be used in place of the glass jar.

A powerful 550W motor powers the Black + Decker blender, providing smooth ice crushing. Furthermore, it has multi-level blending that is more effective as well as efficient with a 4-point blade. Because there are 10 speeds with pulse, you can select the most appropriate and consistent speed to get the best results.

Using the clear lid as a measuring device will help you make your smoothies accurately. The dishwasher can be used to clean all the pieces.


  • Glass jar with 5-cp cap
  • Knife with four points made of stainless steel
  • Pulse function with 10 speeds
  • Motor base with 550W power
  • Dishwasher-safe parts


  • A user with weak hands might find the glass jar quite heavy

Ninja Nutri Pro

[amazon box=”B00Y2U1QUM” ]

The Ninja Nutri Pro is an excellent blender for personal use. A single serving of smoothies can be made with this machine. It’s double-sided container makes it easy to use as a cup directly. To enjoy your drinks on the go, just twist on the lids of the spouts.

Making juice and smoothies from vegetables and fruits is easy with this blender. The 900W motor makes blending a breeze. By using this unique technique, the maximum amount of nutrients will be obtained.

Also, it has a pulse mode that can be manually controlled for crushing ice, seeds, frozen fruit, and nuts into a smooth texture.

When compared to other blenders, this one is portable and very convenient. The dishwasher can clean all parts and accessories, saving you time and energy. In addition, the containers are BPA-free and thus safe for use.


  • Easy to wash and dishwasher safe
  • The blend extracts vitamins from small ingredients
  • Enjoy on the go with this portable and convenient device


  • Usable by individuals

Cuisinart Cpb Blender

[amazon box=”B003YLEXBO” ]

Another smart and economical blender, the Cuisinart CPB is a top 10 best blenders under 100$ with a wide range of options for use. A 350W motor drives the blender’s small jar, creating an extremely powerful impulsive action within.

Its plus point is the LED indicator light on the electronic touchpad compared to others. It may be small but it is very powerful.

A set of accessories is included with this blender, including four BPA-free Tritan travel cups, a blender jar, a chopping cup, stainless steel blades, a blending blade, a chopping blade and a recipe book.

The pulse control push button makes raising and lowering the level very simple since you only need to push it once. You can easily blend in your own style with the convenient design in just a few seconds.

You can use the Cuisinart CPB blender in many ways. It has a wide range of accessories, so you can grind coffee, make soups, blend smoothies and shakes, chop vegetables and nuts, and whip cream, for example. All the accessories are washable, thanks to the slim-fit design.


  • Motor with 350W power
  • With LED indicators, this touchpad has 03 functions
  • Auto-stop and safety interlocks
  • High and low levels of pulse control
  • Dishwasher safety applies to all accessories


  • Suitable for one person, the size is small

Kitchenaid Ksb1575 Qg

[amazon box=”B00FZ1JR6M” ]

Among the top 10 best blenders under $100, the KitchenAid blender has to be one of the best. Not only is it powerful, durable, and sturdy, it is also affordable. In addition, this model comes in a variety of colours to match your kitchen and style.

In addition to 5 levels of pulse setting and crush ice mode, the blender uses Diamond blending technology to achieve outstanding performance. The Diamond technology assures a smooth mixing of all ingredients.

This technique involves three important components including a powerful motor, a diamond pitcher made of BPA-free material, and stainless steel blades that create a powerful vortex.

With an IntelliSpeed control motor, the KitchenAid blender can sense the content and then automatically adjust the speed to the appropriate level. Additionally, speed is consistently and steadily controlled for the best results. Also, it has a smooth start feature, which starts slowly and accelerates for a smooth blend.

It is possible that the metal base will make it heavier. Although heavier, this type of base will ensure the highest level of stability. The shatter-proof, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant Diamond pitcher holds 60 ounces. Dishwasher-safe accessories ensure easy cleaning.


  • Blending diamonds in a unique way
  • Utilizes intelligence to control motor speed
  • Diamond pitcher with 60-ounce capacity that is BPA-free
  • In addition to being stain-resistant, the pitcher can also be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • The addition of a soft start feature
  • Stylish colors and a reasonable price


  • Weighing in at a considerable amount

Cincred Shake Mixer

[amazon box=”B07NQFM9K4″ ]

For those who enjoy healthy drinks such as fruit smoothies, smoothies with vegetables, or fruit juices, the Cred shake mixer is a great choice. The combination of its compact size and affordable price makes this blender suitable for everyday personal use.

With this blender, you can achieve outstanding results because of the unique blending feature. You will mix all your ingredients seamlessly and easily within seconds. Different angles are provided to ensure a perfect outcome by the stainless-steel blades.

Through the power of Cincred, the blade design and cyclonic action combine to allow your body to easily absorb the most beneficial elements of your food. As a result, valuable vitamins and minerals will leak out from the cells of fibrous plant foods. So, by extracting nutrients from all foods, you will receive the most nutrition.

The powerful motor and four stainless steel blades make it easy to crush tough foods and ice in seconds. Thanks to the suspension, it cools quickly and moves easily.

The most convenient accessory is a double duty cup. Children of any age can safely use these tritan cups since they are made from a durable material. They feature dust-proof lids that won’t leak. Taking your smoothie anywhere is convenient. In addition, all the accessories can be cleaned with a dishwasher, saving time during cleaning.


  • The cup can be pressed to blend easily
  • Easily transportable double-duty cups
  • Cups made from Tritan
  • Contains slag remover
  • Lightweight and affordable


  • One-time use only

Braun Jb7350

[amazon box=”B07C11C5SH” ]

There is no ingredient that this Braun JB7350 cannot blend, due to its powerful motor with a 1000W. Moreover, Braun’s metal power drive makes this blender very durable. With this method, noise is reduced and better blending is achieved.

Cleaning is easy with all the accessories. Users can easily remove the blades to increase their comfort. You can choose between three programs to make sure that you get the best results with this blender, ones that are smoothies, chop, and ice crush. Additionally, Braun blenders offer multiple speeds and pulse functions for achieving the right texture.

For its powerful performance and affordable price, the Braun JB7350 is the right choice for smoothie lovers. You will save money on your long-term health if you use it.


  • Motor with 1000W of power
  • Cleaning is easy for all accessories
  • A design that combines durability and intuitiveness
  • The pulse mode and different programs are easy to use


  • Care should be taken when using plastic lids
best blenders under 100

FAQs – Best Blender Under $100

Is Ninja a good blender?

Manufacturers like Ninja are known for their blenders and ovens. Most of their blenders are made from plastic, but they’re really solid and durable. You can put some of their jars, lids, and blade assemblies in the dishwasher or hand wash them.

Why is Vitamix so good?

Vitamix machines are designed to be convenient. In just a few minutes, it can turn out even the most complex recipes, like hot soup. Get something that will reduce cooking time to fractions of the original, and do something nice for your kitchen (and yourself).

Is 600w good for a blender?

In general, 600 watts will blend larger portions well, but if the pitcher is large (over 40 ounces) then 600 watts cannot handle such a task. It works great with containers up to 32 ounces in a Nutribullet 600 watt personal blender.

What’s better: Vitamix or ninja?

During our testing, both blenders were close to neck and neck. Ninja scores well for ease of use, but Vitamix excels at making soup. They do not differ when it comes to ice drinks, ice crushing, or noise testing.

Is NutriBullet or Ninja better?

It is better and more versatile than the NutriBullet Blender Combo to use the Ninja Professional Plus Blender with Auto-iQ. NutriBullet’s construction and ease of cleaning make Ninja better, and the Ninja can crush ice. In addition, the NutriBullet includes two more personal-sized jars.

Our Verdict

Among blenders in this price range, we recommend the Ninja Professional Blender, which has six blades and a variety of options, allowing you to blend almost anything you want.

HAMILTON BEACH also comes in second place, but is unlucky not to be regarded as the absolute best blender under $100. It offers intelligent speed technology that allows it to adjust for ingredients and find the optimal speed. The large capacity of this machine makes it useful for feeding the whole family and cooking a variety of foods in addition to smoothies.

Our list is topped by the MAGIC BULLET, and for good reason. Despite the fact that it is somewhat smaller than some of its competitors, it is designed to be used personally, making only one serving at a time. You can grab a smoothie and take it with you when you wake up.