10 Best Organic Raw Honey – Expert Reviews 2024

Other than a delicious taste, raw organic honey comes packed with both healing and nutritional properties.

Its use for medicinal purposes can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. Today, it’s used to stop acne, dress wounds, and boost energy, to name but a few. It has potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Unfortunately, sellers are now adding sugars, additives and other artificial sweeteners to raw honey, making it quite tricky to get pure organic raw honey.

best organic raw honey reviews

In this post, you’ll discover the tips and tricks for finding the best raw honey and some of the top products on the market today.

10 Best Organic Raw Honey Reviews

Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey

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Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey is one of the raw honey you can find on the market today. Fresh and straight from the hive, this honey comes in pure, unpasteurized and unfiltered form—meaning it has live enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients carefully preserved for you.

Since it comes in an unprocessed, raw state, this honey is sure to provide you with all the benefits linked with raw honey. For instance, it’ll provide you with antioxidants and beneficial factors as wholesome food.

This honey is naturally crystallized and energy packed, which further justifies its true raw state. Unlike other brands, Y.S. Eco doesn’t try to forcefully process this honey to make it creamy (spreadable).

Previous users of this honey agree that it has a delicious taste which makes it suitable for use as a natural sweetener in tea and other drinks. Others explain they’ve successfully used it to treat acne and relieve arthritic pains.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a 22oz package
  • Pure unpasteurized honey
  • Serving size: 1tablespoon
  • Free of herbicides, pesticides, pollutants
  • Harvested from healthy bees in diverse eco-friendly regions

Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered Honey

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Nature’s Nate is among the few brands which take pride in producing the best honey in the world. They bring you bee honey from the farm to your family table without compromising its natural composition of vitamins, minerals, etc., to ensure you enjoy all its health and nutritional benefits.

The brand sources its honey from U.S. and Canada beekeepers, which comes from farms with canola, clover, tallow, and windflower. This helps them come up with a honey blend that’s balanced, deep, and sweet.

And yes, Nate doesn’t filter their honey to ensure all its helpful components and elements don’t get eliminated. Since the honey is soo thick at packaging time, they slightly warm it to make it light for easy packaging into the bottles.

This raw, unfiltered honey comes packed in a 32oz squeeze bottle which makes it incredibly easy and messy-free to apply/use. This honey is 100% pure and unadulterated—no artificial sweeteners/syrups, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, etc. are added to it.

Many people have used this honey and love it for its natural, delicious taste and nutritional and health benefits. They agree that it comes at a more affordable cost compared to other similar products you’ll get on the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% pure raw & unfiltered honey
  • Packed in a 32oz squeeze bottle
  • Certified gluten-free
  • Bottled in Texas, USA
  • Packaged in a glass bottle
  • Doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners

Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey

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We all know that Manuka honey is one healthiest honey types, with even stronger antimicrobial properties. And this raw Manuka honey from Wedderspoon, a reputable brand, proves just that. As with all the other genuine Manuka honey, this one is sourced from New Zealand using the correct harvesting techniques.

We feature this premium Manuka honey on this list because it’s packed in a raw, unpasteurized state. It’s 100% non-GMO project verified and is bottled and sealed in New Zealand to ensure it retains its authentic quality.

The term KFactor is used to describe the pollen count in Manuka honey. This particular Manuka comes with a KFactor 16, which means that 75% of it comes from the Manuka bush. This means it possesses great healing capabilities and can be termed medical-grade honey.

Many families have come out to openly confess their love for this Manuka honey from Wedderspoon. They’re happy with the fast shipping, the delicious taste, plus the minty smell (that’s Manuka flowers!). If you’re looking for raw honey to use for medicinal purposes, we highly recommend you try this Manuka honey.

Highlighted Features:

  • Manuka honey, straight from New Zealand
  • Delicious KFactor 16 honey
  • Raw unpasteurized honey
  • Non-GMO project verified
  • Traceable from hive to home
  • Multi-purpose honey
  • Packed in 16.7oz BPA-free, non-leaching poly jar


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This is another best honey for those looking for 100% certified organic RAW honey. For those who don’t know, Y.S. is a respected raw honey brand (since 1995) which harvests its honey with extreme care from hives in its organic bee farms.

This honey is 100% pure and natural. It’s not heated or filtered in any way…it comes fresh from healthy beehives. With this in mind, you can rest assured that this honey has the highest possible levels of vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes for the ultimate healing and nutritional benefits.

When you open this honey, you’ll notice that it’s soo thick and cloudy, unlike the clear, easy-flowing regular honey found in the supermarkets. This further confirms that it’s indeed raw honey that hasn’t undergone any filtering or heating.

As all the families out there agree, this 100% certified organic raw honey makes the best choice if you’re looking for a natural sweetener to replace sugar and other artificial sweeteners. You can use it in your beverages, as a facial mask, to fight acne, to dress a wound, and so on.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% certified organic raw honey
  • Source: Ys organic bee farms
  • Unprocessed & unpasteurized
  • Kosher 32oz (pack of 1)

Kiva Certified UMF 15+ Raw Manuka Honey

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Another genuine Manuka honey appears on our list of the best organic honey reviews. Kiva is another trusted name in the Manuka honey world. Their honey is harvested from the remote and pristine forests, hills, and coastal areas of New Zealand.

This Manuka honey is harvested and packed with undergoing filtering or pasteurization to preserve the highest possible levels of live enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. It has been independently tested and rated at least UMF 15+ (equivalent to MGO 510+) for its purity and quality.

If you want to use raw honey to tend to various symptoms, then we highly recommend you try this Kiva Manuka honey.

People who have used this Manuka honey before are happy with its health benefits. They’ve used it as a homoeopathic aid for cold sores, a natural sweetener for beverages, wound and burn dressing, a digestion aid, for sore throats, and so on.

Highlighted Features:

  • Genuine Manuka honey
  • UMF 15+ certified raw Manuka Honey
  • Comes in an 8.8 oz bottle / 250ml

Honest Raw Honey, Pure Natural American Honey

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Honest Raw Honey is another delicious package that we recommend to anyone looking for raw honey at a fair price. This pure, raw honey is harvested and packed directly from American beehives—it contains no antibiotics, chemicals, and other undesired elements.

Like all the other honey on this list, this pure American honey comes unfiltered and unpasteurized, with the aim of maintaining a pure flavour and all the health benefits of raw honey.

The honey is rich in vital amino acids, which help support a healthy lifestyle. It is packed with live enzymes, propolis, and anti-oxidants, which will truly give you a natural energy boost.

Because of its delicious flavour, this honey has found use in many homes as a natural sweetener, especially at a time when everyone wants to quit sugar! You can also add this honey to your whole food diet for a REAL superfood health boost.

Folks who have gotten their hand on this honey go crazy over its great taste. Most of them even state that they take it directly from the bottle with a spoon as a sweet treat! Others use it as a natural sweetener in their teas. They also like its incredible price.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% American honey
  • Certified kosher & gluten-free
  • Unprocessed and unpasteurized
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Non-GMO project verified
  • 22oz bottle

HoneyTree’s Raw Oroney

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If it’s from Brazil, then it’s truly ORGANIC! This is another authentic raw honey which is unprocessed and unpasteurized. It looks thick and cloudy, which simply confirms the fact that it has come straight from the comb.

Bold and robust in flavour, this 100% organic honey originates from forests, parklands, pasturelands, and wildlife refuges, which are far removed from industrial agriculture, pesticides, and herbicides—translating to 100% organic quality.

You can use this honey as a natural sweetener for your tea, coffee, etc. You can also use it in your oatmeal or even make some peanut butter/oatmeal bars/honey, which will definitely taste great with this honey. Creating a beauty mask that works is also possible with this honey!

Previous users of this honey agree that it tastes great, and you can literally taste the wildflowers. They’re also in love with the bottle style—small spout opening—which helps ensure mess-free usage of the honey.

Highlighted Features:

  • Raw, organic honey from Brazil
  • True source certified
  • Packed in a 12-ounce bottle
  • Unfiltered & unpasteurized

Raw Certified NPA 20+ Highest Grade Manuka Honey

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If you’re still looking for the best honey to buy, you can’t go wrong with this raw, certified honey. As you can easily tell from its name, this is another highest grade Manuka which comes from New Zealand.

The bees that manufacture this honey is raised by organic standards; they’re not fed with sugar or treated with any vet pharmaceuticals or chemicals.

To make it REAL raw honey, the owner takes this honey through a special cold extraction method, where no heating, processing or filtering is utilized. Needless to say, this method preserves all the honey’s antibacterial properties as well as wound healing abilities.

Nearly all those who have used this Manuka hone before have used it for medical purposes. These include dressing wounds in people and pets, nasal congestion, cold sores, sore through, and flu. They recommend that you keep this bottle in your home for the cold season.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% raw 820+ MGO Manuka honey
  • Sourced from naturally managed bees
  • Unfiltered and unheated honey
  • Independently tested for accurate potency levels
  • 8.8oz bottle package

Amazon Brand – Solimo Raw Wildflower Honey

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If you’re trying to quit refined sugar, this is the ideal raw honey we recommend you buy today. Made from windflower pollen by healthy bees, this honey makes a great natural sweetener for your tea, coffee, and other beverages, or even in baked foods.

Despite an affordable cost, this honey comes packed in a 32-ounce bottle which makes it a great bargain. Remember that it comes in a squeeze-style bottle which makes it easy to apply…no more messy drips on your table or around your kitchen!

The honey appears dark in colour, which is quite understandable given that it’s made from windflower pollen. If you have tasted windflower honey before, you also know that it tastes really great, which makes it an ideal natural sweetener.

The smooth and delicious taste is the main reason why many people love this honey. The squeeze bottle and affordable cost also make the honey a favourite choice for many homeowners.

Highlighted Features:

  • Packed in a 32ounce squeeze bottle
  • U.S. grade A honey
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Wedderspoon 100% Raw Manuka Honey

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Our best organic honey list comes to an end with another 100% raw Manuka honey from Wedderspoon, the highly dependable brand.

Like the other Manukas we’ve featured on this list, this honey also comes unfiltered and unpasteurized. It’s a non-GMO project verified and is sourced exclusively from New Zealand. Each jar contains REAL Manuka honey with a KFactor16—meaning it’s guaranteed to meet or exceed New Zealand’s government Monofloral Manuka Standard.

Something else worth noting is that this honey is 100% free of pesticides, antibiotics, and glyphosate. This makes it truly ORGANIC honey which facilitates healthy living.

One person who has used this Manuka honey explained that she saw results after around 2 weeks of consistent application. Other users have used it to successfully treat sore throats, relieve arthritic pain, and surgery wounds.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% raw Manuka honey
  • KFactor 16
  • Unfiltered and unpasteurized
  • Non-GMO project verified
  • Packed in an 8.8oz bottle

What To Look For Before Buying?

best organic raw honey reviews

When looking for raw honey (unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed), you’ll need to be extra careful to ensure you get the real stuff…and not the regular honey with added syrups and artificial sweeteners.

These guidelines will help you choose the best raw honey:

Unheated/unpasteurized honey

Check the label of the honey you buy to ensure it hasn’t undergone any form of heating.

As we explained earlier, some companies tend to heat their honey to make it lighter and smoother. This helps make it easier to put into the bottles.

Heating also helps slow down the crystallization process of honey.

Unfortunately, heated honey is NOT raw honey.


Because the heating process destroys the live enzymes, natural vitamins, and other natural elements which come with raw honey.

Heating might also interfere with the delicate aroma of honey.

If, at the time of buying, you find that the honey is in some golden, easy-flowing liquid form, there could be a possibility it has been heated before packaging.

REAL raw honey should be in crystalized, thick form when packaged in bottles for sale.


best organic raw honey reviews

The Real raw honey also comes unfiltered, so make sure you check for any filtering process for the honey you wish to buy.

Keep in mind, however, that light filtering (macro-filtration) might is allowed for raw honey…

See, when being extracted from the combs, the honey usually comes with a lot of stuff such as wax pieces, dead bees, bees’ body parts, propolis, pollen granules, and other granules which are easily visible to the eye.

The manufacturers usually make use of cheesecloth, nylon mesh, or metal sieves to help remove these easily visible particles that you might not want to see in the honey you buy.

BUT…ultra-filtering the honey makes it cease from being raw honey to regular honey. This is because this form of filtration strips honey of its crucial nutrients and elements, making it less healthy.

NOTE: for honey to be ultra-filtered, it’s always heated first in most cases!

PRO TIP: Get to know the source of the honey!

best organic raw honey reviews

You want honey which is not only raw but also organic, right?

In this case, you might want to dig deeper to get more information about the source of the honey you’re buying.

When buying from online stores, you might only need to rely on the information provided by the manufacturer.

If you’re buying from a local beekeeper, however, you’d want to ask them a few questions regarding their bees…and even want to physically visit their bee farm.

Be on the lookout for bees which are fed with GMO sugar or corn syrup since these elements might end up in your sugar and make it inorganic.

Look for bees that aren’t treated with any antibiotics or chemicals.

Truly organic honey should also be sourced from bees that are reared far away from industrial agriculture or plants treated with herbicides, pesticides, etc.

Extra tips:

best organic raw honey reviews
  • Appearance: the appearance of honey can also give you a clue if it’s raw or not. Raw honey usually comes with a cloudy, creamy appearance, unlike regular honey, which looks smooth and clear.
  • Manuka raw honey: if you’re buying raw honey to use for medicinal purposes, then we suggest that you look for raw Manuka honey since it contains extra antimicrobial properties. However, keep in mind that this type of honey will cost you a bit higher than the other honey.
  • Check the expiry date: if the manufacturer indicates the expiry date for their honey, that’s a red flag! Real honey has no expiry date.
  • Check the brand: though the honey industry is populated by hundreds of brands, a few top companies have made a name for themselves by consistently producing real raw honey that’s beneficial to their customers. (we’ve outlined the top brands for raw honey brands below).
  • If you’re buying your honey from Amazon or other online stores, invest your time in customer reviews. The wealth of info you’ll get in this section will surely give you a clue about how good the honey you’re buying is.
  • Raw honey that’s packed in the squeeze-style bottle is easier to apply as it helps stop dripping and ensures mess-free usage. Where possible, go for hone packed in this type of bottle.

9 Top Raw Honey Brands

best organic raw honey reviews

In the tricky honey market, where finding raw honey can feel like an impossible task, a few honey brands have built trust and reputation with their consistent efforts in providing you with real RAW honey.

Below, we take a look at the 9 respected brands on the market today:

(P.S.: This list is in no particular order).

Nature Nate’s

Nature Nate’s is one of the leading brands in the production of authentic raw honey. People particularly love their raw and unfiltered honeycomb—where the actual honeycombs are used to contain the honey. Needless to mention, this makes it one of the rawest and purest honeys available.

Other than honeycomb honey, this brand offers you other styles of honey, including organic and inorganic varieties, to meet your specific needs.


If you want a reliable brand for raw Manuka honey, Wedderspoon is hard to beat! This highly respected brand sources its highly nutritious honey from the unique Manuka bushes in New Zealand’s forests and coastal lines.

They pack their honey directly into bottles without filtering or pasteurizing it in any way.

Wedderspoon honey is traceable from its source hive to your table.

Their honey is available in varying KFactor ratings, namely 12, 16, and 22 KFactor.

best organic raw honey reviews

Y.S. Organic

Y.S. is an American-based honey brand that prides itself on producing organic honey. Their honey is also unpasteurized and unprocessed to ensure it’s highly nutritious.

It is harvested from the hives and bottled straight without any processing. The company labels it as “wholesome food” due to its great capabilities to reverse damages in your body and promote an overall healthy body.

GloryBee Honey

If you’re looking for monofloral honey or want to experience different hone flavours, you can’t go wrong with the GloryBee Honey products.

The company obsessives over strict unfilleting, unheating, and unprocessing standards when packaging its honey to avoid interfering with its high health and nutritional profile.


This is another pure honey brand based out of Tempe, Arizona. Families love this honey for its delicious, wild, pure, raw, and natural properties.

They source their honey from the Sonoran Desert, which gives it a delicately mild flavour which is taken straight from the flower into the bottle.

YS Eco Bee Farms

Y.S. supplies you with specially harvested, natural, wholesome raw honey. Their honey is 100% unpasteurized, unfiltered, and unheated—ensuring you can reap all its health benefits.

Their honey is organically certified and is packed straight from the hive, carefully preserving all the live enzymes, minerals, and vitamins for optimal nutritional benefits.

Desert Creek Honey

best organic raw honey reviews

Another purest honey brand from the U.S. Southside. This particular brand sells its honey in bulk, making it the go-to option for those who want a long-lasting supply of raw honey.

Their honey is sourced from a local Texan beekeeper and is packed from hive to bottle without any processing as a measure to preserve all its health and nutritional benefits.

Honest Raw Honey

Make Honest Raw Honey your go-to raw honey brand, and you’ll never get disappointed!

Like all the other top brands mentioned here, this company’s honey isn’t completely unprocessed and unheated—enabling it to maintain a healthy and nutritious profile.

The hone from this company is so raw that you might even find bits of beeswax, propolis, honey foam, etc., in your jar of honey.

Mark you; the company even goes a step further and cools its honey after harvest to help preserve all its nutrients.

Savannah Bee Company

Here’s one more raw honey brand you can trust to supply you with pure and healthy honey.

This particular brand harvests its honey from acacia tree flowers in the Hungary highlands which gives it an irresistible luscious vanilla flavour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of raw honey?

One of the key health benefits of raw honey revolves around its antimicrobial properties. Raw Manuka honey has even more potent antimicrobial properties.

The Raw honey can also be used to combat various healthy issues such as sore throat, coughs, cold sores, and even the cold itself (arm yourself with a bottle of raw honey this cold season and keep the flu away!)

best organic raw honey reviews

Raw honey has also been shown to effectively treat wounds and burns (due to its antimicrobial properties). It helps speed up the healing process. However, the effectiveness of honey in wound healing might vary depending on the wound in question.

Another benefit of taking raw honey is that it contains polyphenols which can go a long way in helping decrease heart risk.

Above all, raw honey contains more benefits than raw sugar, and you can use it as a natural sweetener instead of refined sugar. You can add it to your beverages, baking recipes, etc.

Is raw honey better than regular honey?

Absolutely! Raw honey is better than regular honey in terms of the health and nutritional benefits it offers.

The regular honey undergoes heating/pasteurization and filtering. All these practices strip it of its most crucial health benefits while destroying its natural live enzymes.

This makes regular honey less nutritious than raw honey.

It’s also common to find regular honey-bearing hidden sweeteners or artificial sweeteners, which simply renders it contaminated and unhealthy.

How much raw honey should I eat a day?

Keeping in mind that honey contains sugar, eating too much of it isn’t recommended. This is especially true if you’re watching your weight.

That said, the recommended serving limit for honey is similar to that of table sugar.

The American Heart Association recommends you limit yourself to a spoonful or less for every honey serving. For instance, if you’re using it as a sweetener for your tea or coffee, use no more than 1 teaspoon.

In the case of a normal and balanced diet, you should consume around 6 to 10 teaspoons of honey per day (which is approx. 50ml).

How long does raw, unfiltered honey last?

best organic raw honey reviews

Raw, unfiltered honey has an extraordinary shelf life and will not go bad easily as long as you keep it in a sealed container.

Its acidity plus lack of water and presence of hydrogen peroxides are the key reasons behind its long shelf life.

The only thing raw honey might do is crystalize…this doesn’t mean it has expired, and you should continue consuming it afterwards.

TIP: If the honey you’re buying has an expiry date on its label, then you should question whether it’s really raw. Raw honey never goes wrong!

Are there any side effects of eating raw honey?

Generally, there are no side effects to eating honey for healthy adults. However, if you consume raw honey and experience nausea, vomiting, or even diarrhoea, it’s advisable to see your medical care provider ASAP for professional health assistance.

Can you take raw honey while pregnant?

NO! Raw honey contains the spores of the bacteria Clostridium botulinum.

While this might have no effects on a healthy person, it might prove harmful to pregnant women and children under age one. It might cause botulism poisoning—which leads to life-threatening paralysis.

Not just raw honey, regular/commercial honey might also contain bacteria spores, so pregnant women and babies under 1 yr. Old should avoid it as well.

Can I use raw honey to treat acne?

Yes, raw honey acts as an affordable alternative to face cleansing for treating acne since it’s gentle on all types of skin.

To use it for acne, you simply put a teaspoonful in your hands and cover it with the other hand to warm it between the hands and then gently spread it on your face.

Leave it to work for around 10 minutes, then rinse it using warm water and pat dry.

Repeat this procedure every day for noticeable results.

Final Verdict

Raw organic honey is one of the healthiest honey types available. It bypasses filtering, heating, and pasteurization, helping preserve live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and good bacteria—all of which help boost your immune system when consumed.

Raw honey also makes a good natural sweetener for your beverages and recipes if you want to quit refined sugar. You can also use it to dress wounds and burns, make beauty masks, and treat acne.

When looking for raw honey, you should be extra careful to ensure you don’t take hone regular honey, which has been heated and filtered or even diluted.

The 10 best raw honey we have outlined in this post are genuinely RAW and organic and will supply you with all the health and nutritional benefits you need.