Best Blenders Review Guide & Unbiased In 2024!!

Are you searching for the best blenders to buy in 2024? If yes, read on. We can make the most delicious foods because of this powerful electrical equipment. Thanks to Stephen Poplawsk- the inventor.

With quality blenders, you can make smoothies, cocktails, juices, and so much more. You can also blend vegetables together to make soups, curries, and other nourishing foods. Blenders are essential equipment for health enthusiasts and cooking mamas alike.

You can blend fruits, vegetables, spices, milk, water, and so many other ingredients that can be blended to nourish your mind, body, and soul. With one of the best blenders, your cooking experience will go up to the next level. Good blenders make your cooking experience smooth and enjoyable.

With good blenders, you don’t have to worry about pieces of food still staying in your curry or smoothies. Powerful blenders give you perfect and smooth blends of anything you put in them. So whether you are vegan and want to make some cashew cheese sauce. Or if you are on a keto diet and want to make a fat-filled smoothie, one of these good blenders will support you in your cooking process.

There are hundreds of blenders in the market, and it can be confusing to figure out which one is powerful, durable, and which one suits your needs the best. This article lists the 7 best blenders review guide in the market to make your selection process easier.

What Are The Different Types Of Blenders? 7 Different Types of Blenders and It’s Uses:

Best Blenders Review Guide

There are hundreds of different blenders with varying shapes, sizes, functions, prices, and power levels.

An important distinction is between blenders and food processors. Blenders blend all sorts of fruits, veggies, liquids, and other ingredients together. And food processors mainly process and cut solid foods like vegetables.

The main difference between blenders and food processors is that blenders work well with liquids, and food processors work well with solid foods. While there are hundreds of types of blenders in the markets, they can be divided into 3 main types – conventional blenders, personal blenders, and hand blenders.

Conventional Blenders

Conventional Blenders take up more space than personal and hand blenders. But they also have potent motors that help in making the smoothest blend of liquids. Conventional blenders are also more expensive than the other two types of blenders.

Overall, conventional blenders are more solid than hand and personal blenders. They can handle heavier blending tasks due to their high power level and strong motors. Hand and personal blenders, on the other hand, have their own benefits. They take up very little space and also cost less than conventional blenders.

While you can use conventional blenders for almost all tasks, you can use hand blenders for light tasks and personal blenders for single-serve tasks. Conventional blenders are amazing for quick and smooth results and can be used to serve larger crowds as well. Personal and hand blenders are suitable for small tasks and usually work well for a family or only one or two people for light blending tasks.

If you blend often, 5-6 days a week, conventional blenders will be the best fit. For example, research suggests that drink fruits and vegetable smoothies every day has many health benefits. (1) If you are a health enthusiast or are on a detox journey, drinking smoothies and juices will be of great help to you every day. And a powerful conventional blender will support you on your journey.

Best Blenders Review Guide: What Makes a Great Blender?

As there are many blenders in the market, it can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out which is one is the best and worth your money. Here is what you need to look for in a blender that will give you your money’s worth with a smooth blending experience. Working Space

Conventional blenders take up quite a bit of kitchen space due to their large size. On the other hand, immersion and personal blenders take up very little space and can easily fit anywhere in the kitchen. Conventional blenders have tall blending apparatus, so they might not fit under a shelf.

For conventional blenders, make sure to find an open working space with no shelf present above for smooth functioning. Hand blenders usually fit in any decent-sized drawers or shelves in your kitchen. You can get them out when you want to use them and let them rest on your shelf or cupboard when you aren’t using them.


The power of a blender means its wattage. The power of a blender is perhaps one of the most important qualities of a good blender. If the power is high, the blender works faster and gives fine blends with no chunks in it. For example, a low power blender of 600 watts is less effective and powerful than a high power blender of 1000 watts.

If you blend a few fruits together in a high power blender, you will see no chunks of fruits or veggies in the smoothie-like, you may see in a low power blender. This does not mean that low power blenders are bad or useless. You can use low power blenders if you like your smoothies or juices to have more chunks or pulp in it.

High power blenders with 1500 watts can crush ice and even grind flour. They are excellent for blending and grinding heavier ingredients. And low power blenders are less costly and are perfect for lighter blending jobs.

Speed of the Blender

Conventional blenders and hand blenders have multiple speed limits, usually up to 3 or 4. Personal blenders have a one-speed limit. They also have the option to pulse blend or blend continuously. High-quality conventional blenders have a fantastic speed to their motors that blend hard-to-crush ingredients smoothly and perfectly.

Personal blender speed is great for blending lighter ingredients.

How Easy is it to Clean the Blender?

Another critical point to look out for when purchasing a blender is how easy it is to clean. If a blender has too many parts or hard to reach areas, they may be difficult to clean and maintain. Blenders that are easier to clean and rinse are much more pleasant to maintain and use.

Conventional blenders are quite easy to clean. You will just have to pour some water in the blending jar and turn on the blender. Conventional blenders are easy-to-use self-cleaning blending devices. While personal blenders are not self-cleaning, you can easily clean some parts in a dishwasher or under the tap.

But while you clean the blending jar under the tap, be careful of the blades as they are sharp. The electrical part of the blender should be kept away from water to avoid any damages.


You will find many good hand and personal blenders that cost around $100. Personal and hand blenders of medium quality are also available below $50 for those with a lower budget and for those that do not use blenders that often. There are also personal and hand blenders available that cost more than $100. These are of supreme quality, have more power and more features.

Conventional blenders come in various price ranges. You will find conventional blenders that cost between $100-200. These blenders have decent power and quality. You will also find blenders that cost $300-$500 dollars, which have high power, excellent speed, quality, and more features.

Blender Jars

The jars usually come in two different types – glass and plastic. Most high-quality blenders use glass jars that are easy to use, wash, and maintain. Some brands also offer plastic jars that are not prone to breaking when they fall. Plastic jars are also much lighter and durable.

If kids or teenagers in your family use the blender to make smoothies, it is better to go for plastic jars, as they are less prone to breaking and damage. However, some plastic jar blenders can be expensive and may not be dishwasher friendly.

Reviews of the Best Blenders in 2024| Top 7 Best Blenders in 2024: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, 64 oz

[amazon box=”B08HC29GC4″]

Hands down, one of the best conventional blenders in the market, Vitamix, will rock your world and give you the best blending experience ever possible. It has various speed levels. So, you can control the speed according to the textures you need. You are always in full control of the speed.

It comes with a 64oz blending jar, which allows you to blend medium and large portions. This Vitamix blender also comes with an inbuilt cooling fan and thermal protection system. Its blades and motor speed is so high that it creates powerful heat, which is enough to make your soup steaming hot within just a few minutes.

What’s even more amazing about this blender is that it comes with stainless steel high-quality blades that finely blend even the hardest ingredients. Vitamix is a powerful self-cleaning machine that is guaranteed to give you the best blending experience.

It costs $487.90 and comes with a whopping 7-year warranty. If you have a good budget and are looking for an incredible blender for daily use, this is the one. We agree that the price is on the higher side, but it delivers what it promises, and you will be not be disappointed.

What we love about Vitamix 5200

  • Its power is 2 horsepower, which is around a whopping 1400 watts
  • Stainless steel extremely sharp blades
  • 64oz jar to blender large portion
  • Many positive reviews
  • High quality built and materials
  • Excellent for heavy blending tasks
  • Self-cleaning
  • 7 year warranty

What they can improve

  • It’s expensive
  • It’s self-cleaning but not dishwasher friendly

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender

[amazon box=”B00939I7EK”]

The blender lives up to its name. It is fast and powerful as a ninja. This 1500-watt blender works perfectly to make smoothies, dough, and so many other delicious foods. Its powerful blades crush ice into snow within seconds from which you can make refreshing smoothies and drinks.

Along with a blender, Ninja mega kitchen system comes with a 64oz food processor that can make up to 2 pounds of dough within 30 seconds. When you have less time to cook or are really hungry, this blender and processor is a lifesaver.

The blender also comes with two 16oz to-go cups. You can pour your blends into these to-go cups and enjoy the goodness of your drink while you travel. What’s even more impressive is that it is dishwasher friendly and comes with a 72oz jar that supports you in blending larger portions.

If you want to clean the jar or food processor with your hand, be careful of the blades as they are sharp.

What we love about the Ninja Mega Kitchen System

  • Costs $199.99
  • Priced reasonably
  • A powerful motor of 1500 watts
  • High quality and easy to use

What they can improve

  • Takes up lots of kitchen space

NutriBullet NBR-1201 – Blender Review

[amazon box=”B07VNN6SMD”]

Another amazing blender that comes with mixer functions is NutriBullet. It works with bullet speed and power and was designed to help you make the most nutrient-rich smoothies. For a nourishing and powering smoothie, add in some coconut milk, fruits that you love, some nuts, and blend it up in NutriBullet.

Even though the motor may be only 600 watts, it comes with powerful nutrient extraction blades that blend whole foods into liquid to give your body all the nutrients it needs. And NutriBullet does all of this within just a few seconds. The motor works great for light-medium blending jobs like making smoothies, juices, and purees.

NutriButllet is easy to use, and to top it off, it is easy to clean as well. It costs $77.89 on If you are looking for a smoothie maker below $100 that you can use every day, this is the one. It also comes with a one year warranty.

Here are a few important things amazon users of NutriBullet are saying:

“For longevity, buy a new blade for 7.99 periodically. They sell them here on amazon.”

What we love about NutriBullet NBR-1201

  • Great for smoothies and juices
  • Comes with one handled cup, one 24oz cup, and one 18oz cup with cup rings
  • Does not take up too much kitchen space
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reasonably priced

What they can improve

  • Not good for heavy tasks

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

[amazon box=”B00939FV8K”]

Few brands provide durable and sturdy blenders, and Ninja is one of them. And so, we recommend yet another full power blender that this trustworthy company offers. It comes with a whopping power of 1100 watts with the 3-speed options, pulse option, and single-serve option.

This Ninja blender comes with a 72oz jar with two 16oz to-go cups in which you can pour your delicious smoothies. It is easy to use and easy to clean as it is dishwasher friendly. The 72oz jar is made of BPA free plastic, so it does not pose any health hazards in the long run.

This powerhouse of a blender costs only $117. It is reasonably priced while providing you with a powerful motor and sharp blades that can cut through hard ingredients like nuts and seeds.

What we love about Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Powerful 1100 watts motor
  • Sharp blades that blend hard ingredients smoothly
  • Reasonably priced $117 on

What they can improve

  • Users report it to be a noisier

KOIOS oxasmart Immersion Hand Blender

[amazon box=”B076GW89V9″]

If you are looking for a hand blender, then KOIOS immersion blender is one of the best options in the market today. It comes with the option of 12-speed levels and has turbo speed and power. At just 800 watts of power, it will give you a super-fast blending experience.

Note that while 1500 watts is powerful for a conventional blender, 800 watts is equally powerful for a hand blender. The motor is made of all-copper, and its fixed rotary design will not fall off due to its high-speed rotation. The blender is also anti-splash. The blade is covered with a bell-shaped stainless housing that prevents splashing in your kitchen.

Along with a 600ml beaker for blending, you also get a 500ml chopper in this package.

What we Love about KOIOS Oxasmart Hand Blender

  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to use and hold
  • Minimum splashing
  • 1-year warranty
  • Ice crushing strong blades
  • Multi-functional
  • Thousands of positive amazon reviews

What they can improve

  • Cannot perform heavy tasks
  • Not dishwasher friendly

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

[amazon box=”B08QXJ31WR”]

Ninja not only makes powerful conventional blenders, but they also make high-powered personal blenders. The amazing Ninja Nutri Pro is one such personal blender that is excellent for personal and light use. And even though we say it is made for light use, it can easily crush ice, seeds stems, and frozen ingredients to help you make a nutritious smoothie.

It comes with 900 watts of power and is designed to skillfully extract the nutrient from your fruit and veggies to make you the most nutrient-rich juices and smoothies. It comes with a to-go lid so you can enjoy your smoothies as you travel. Two BPA free blending cups of 18oz and 24oz are included in the package and dishwasher friendly.

If you are looking for a high-quality personal blender below $70, you are going to love this one.

What we love about Ninja Nutri Pro

  • Costs $59.99
  • Thousands of positive customer reviews
  • Powerful motor
  • Strong blades
  • Easy to use and clean

What they can improve

  • Can be loud

Vitamix 7500 Blender

[amazon box=”B00LQT9DYS”]

Our list would be incomplete without the fantastic Vitamix 7500 blender. While all other blenders we love and have recommended above are under 1500 watts, this one contains the power of a whopping 1600 watts – 2.2 Horse Power.

It comes with viable speed controls with 10 variable speed levels that allow you to get refined textures, exactly the way you want it. Its 64oz jar is great for family meals and making large portions. It is compact, so it fits under most kitchen shelves. The stainless steel blades are designed to cut through the hardest ingredients to give you a smooth blend of your choice.

And to add to the amazing mix of high-quality functions, this blender is also self-cleaning. To clean the blender, add a drop of soap and warm water, and within 60 seconds, the machine cleans itself.

What we love about Vitamin 7500

  • A powerful motor of 1600 watts
  • Strong stainless steel blades
  • Excellent for heavy tasks
  • Built from high-quality materials

What they can improve

  • Expensive and priced at $529.99
  • Not dishwasher friendly

7 Best Blenders in 2024 Comparison

ProductTypePower (Watt)Warranty
Vitamix 5200Conventional Blender1400 watts7 years
Ninja Mega Kitchen SystemConventional blender1500 watts1 year
NutriBullet NBR – 1201Personal Blender600 watts1 year
Ninja Professional BlenderConventional blender1100 watts1 year
KOIOS hand blenderHand blender800 watts1 year
Ninja Nutri Pro CompactPersonal blender900 watts1 year
Vitamix 7500Conventional blender1600 watts7 years

Conclusion- Choose the Right Blenders for your Kitchen!

We have included the best blenders we know in the market today. We keep in mind factors like quality, functionality, price, and durability. While the price is an essential factor to consider while buying a blender, it is best to never compromise on the quality.

Quality blenders are expensive, but they last for many years, have strong motor, blades, and high horsepower. However, some blenders are inexpensive, high-quality, and durable. It depends on how frequently you use blenders. For everyday use, high-quality conventional blenders are the best. And for occasional light use, personal and hand blenders of high quality like the ones we recommend above are effective.