Best Ceramic Knife Set 2024 – Review of Top Picks by Consumer Reports

Buying kitchen knives can be an overwhelming process, especially if you are a beginner. You do not need to be too technical, but there is one thing that you need to understand – the material of the knife. This is directly related to its sharpness, durability, aesthetics, and price, among other things.

Ceramic is one of the most popular knife materials in the global market. Ceramic knives are made using a non-metallic material technically known as zirconium dioxide. These knives are elegant and durable, among other good things.

If you are looking for the best ceramic knife set currently available in the market, we are here for you! Keep on reading and let’s talk about some of the options that should be on your radar.

Ceramic Knives: The Good and The Bad

Before we start rounding up some of the top products that you will find in the market, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of ceramic as the main material for kitchen knives.

Pros of Ceramic Knives

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to choose ceramic for your knives.

  • Stays Sharp Long: More than being durable, the sharpness of the blade is also incredible. This is unlike other materials that you frequently need to hone or sharpen. It is believed to maintain sharpness up to ten times longer compared to stainless steel.
  • Safe: Kitchen knives are used in meat, fish, and other items that can contain bacteria. The best thing about a ceramic knife is that it is non-porous, and hence, it will prevent harboring bacteria.
  • Lightweight: Compared to conventional materials used in kitchen knives, ceramic is known for being lighter. This way, it won’t cause significant hand strain when it is used, even for a long time.

Cons of Ceramic Knives

Despite all the good things, ceramic has its fair share of drawbacks, including those listed below.

  • Expensive:  Ceramic is not for people who are on a tight budget. It is expensive, and the price can discourage many buyers. Nonetheless, with all of the benefits that you can expect from a ceramic knife, it will be worth every dollar.
  • Brittle: One thing that you might not like about ceramic is that it is brittle, which will make it fragile. You need to handle it with care. Otherwise, it will be easily prone to chipping or cracking.
  • Difficult to Sharpen: When the time comes that you will need to sharpen a ceramic knife, you might end up struggling a bit. This is because it is a brittle material, so you need to be more careful. Luckily, it will stay sharp for a long time.

Review of Top Pick for the Best Ceramic Knife Set

The options will be plenty, but do not take this as an excuse to choose just any product. Here are some of the top products that should be on your list.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-inch Professional Chef’s Knife

[amazon box=”B0017U3UA4″]

Elegant – this is perhaps one word that can perfectly describe the Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-inch Professional Chef’s Knife. It is one of those knives that will turn heads and will elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen.

However, while we are talking about the best ceramic knife sets in this article, take note that this is a single knife. It is a chef’s knife, which is commonly used for mincing, chopping, and slicing, among others.

The ceramic blade that is used in this knife is made in Japan. It has an dvanced ceramic formula, which has been exclusively developed by Kyocera. This will result in a stronger and denser blade that can deliver exceptional performance in almost any task. Aside from delivering unrelenting sharpness, we also love how lightweight the knife is, which means that it will be comfortable to use.

Lastly, the manufacturer is offering a limited lifetime warranty, which should be more than enough to convince you. It is warranted to be free of defects for a lifetime, which is perhaps the biggest selling point of this knife.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Not a set
  • Has no blade guard

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics Revolution Series 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

[amazon box=”B00DW4QD0C”]

Similar to the product mentioned above, this is another option from Kyocera. You can be confident that it will have the same exceptional quality since it also uses the exclusive zirconia material that the company developed.

We have seen a lot of knives that are awkward and uncomfortable to hold, especially for an extended time. Good thing, these knives are not one of those. The ergonomic handles will make these knives effortless to hold. You won’t complain of discomfort!

The set is inclusive of a 6-inch chef’s knife, 5-inch serrated tomato knife, and a 3-inch paring knife. For most users, these knives will be more than enough to have in the kitchen. Every item is reflective of the best quality Kyocera is known for.

The unparalleled purity of the knives is also worth noting. This is unlike its cheaper counterparts made using combined materials. Because the knives use pure ceramic, expect that it will be up to 50% harder compared to steel.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ultra-sharp


  • Can slice skin even with minimal contact
  • Does not come with storage

IMORI Advanced Ceramic 3-piece Ceramics Knife Set

[amazon box=”B01CV6DE80″]

Ceramic knives are known for being expensive. If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, it will be hard to go wrong with this set from Imori. It has a chef’s, slicing, and a paring knife.

The ceramic used in the construction of these knives are from high-grade zirconia. It will stay sharp up to ten times longer compared to steel. This is also less of a hassle to use because you will not be required to sharpen the knives often.

One of the most innovative features you will find in these knives is Safe Edge Technology. This is the one responsible for providing the knives with rounded edges, which will lessen the chances that the sharp tip will hurt the user.

As an added safety measure, each blade also comes with a safety sheath. This will help in keeping your knives safe while protecting the edges from possible damages.

Lastly, we also love the design of the ergonomic handles. It has a textured grip, which will prevent the knives from slipping. However, some might not like how you will have no other option when it comes to the color of the handle except orange.


  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Affordable
  • Has a protective sheath


  • Available only in orange handles
  • Thin blade

Kyocera Limited Series Ceramic 6-inch Chef’s Knife

[amazon box=”B00CA8EOXY”]

This is the third knife from Kyocera that is included in our recommendations, which speaks a lot about the quality that the brand can deliver. This is a chef’s knife. It will be a great companion for many common tasks in the kitchen, such as slicing and mincing.

The elegant design of the knife is one of its best assets. It is hard to beat in terms of its looks. The handle is made of Pakkawood. This is not genuine wood. It is a veneer with other materials. For its price, we are quite disappointed with the quality of the handle.

The blade is exceptional, one thing that is already expected since this is a ceramic knife. The pure advanced ceramic blade is ten times sharper compared to steel. Sadly, we cannot say the same thing when it comes to durability since ceramic is a material known for being brittle.


  • Hand-crafted by artisans
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to clean


  • Poor-quality handle
  • Difficult to sharpen

Royalty Line RL-RED8-W 8-piece True Ceramic Knife Set

[amazon box=”B07MDJTK62″]

This is from a brand that many of you may not recognize. However, if you are not conscious about brands, this can be a great option for ceramic knife sets because of its price. Ceramic is an expensive material, but this set is budget-friendly.

We love how it comes with almost anything that you will need in the kitchen. This set is inclusive of four knives, shears, honing rod, and a stand. The stand will help keep everything organized and protected from external elements that can speed up damage.

Like the other products in our recommendations, it also has ergonomic handles. Your comfort is a sure thing when you are using these knives. It is also a good thing that it has a textured grip. Even when your hands are wet, it will be easy for you to hold the knives.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Comes with a stand


  • Durability can be an issue
  • Not as popular as other brands

How to Choose the Best Ceramic Knife Set

best ceramic knife set

While you will be confronted with a long list of products, this does not mean that you can pick any knife set and expect the best quality. To help you decide, below are the most important considerations.

  • Inclusions: One of the most important is to consider the knives included in the set. If you are a casual user, then you need only the basic knives. For the pros, you will need more knives. Chef’s knife, paring knife, Santoku knife, and utility knife are some of the commonly included knives in a set. It is also good to choose one that already comes with a block for easy storage.
  • Handle: This is crucial since it is the part that you will be holding. It should have an ergonomic design, which will make you as comfortable as possible when you are holding the knife. Plastic and wood are two of the common materials often used in the handles.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer should stand behind their products, and this is possible by offering comprehensive warranty coverage. The minimum warranty should be for one year. If you are lucky, you can find a ceramic knife set backed by a lifetime warranty.

Care and Maintenance for Ceramic Knives

best ceramic knife set

To maintain the peak performance of your ceramic knives, below are some of the most important things to do for care and maintenance.

  • Pay attention to proper storage. It is best to buy a knife that comes with a block so you can store each piece properly. Be careful when putting the knives on and off the block. Since ceramic is brittle, it can be easily prone to damage.
  • Use ceramic knives the right way. It is best to use these knives in fruits, vegetables, boneless meat, poultry, and fish. If the meat is frozen, then you might want to use a more durable knife.
  • Choose the right cutting board when you are cutting using ceramic knives. Wood and plastic are the best materials for chopping boards. Bamboo can be quite hard and can lead to irreversible damage.
  • Do not clean the ceramic knives using a dishwasher. It can be prone to rattling when it is inside, and this can damage the brittle blades. It is best to hand-wash the knives instead using warm water and mild soap.
  • When washing the knives in the sink, the best practice is to not mix it with other things, especially kitchen utensils. As mentioned, ceramic can be easily damaged, so it should not rub with others.


The best ceramic knife set is a must-have in the kitchen. Yes, it is expensive, but there are many reasons why such is the case. It can deliver exceptional performance, aside from the fact that it stays sharp for years. The benefits will outweigh the costs!

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to transform your kitchen and invest in ceramic knives. Whether you are an aspiring chef or an expert in the kitchen, ceramic knives are heaven-sent!