Get More Attention From Guests With An Eye-Catching Tray Display

Are you looking for a stylish and functional way to display your food? Look no further than the Tray Display! This sleek and modern display piece is perfect for showcasing your items in any retail setting. The Tray Display covers whether you want something minimalistic or more eye-catching. This review will examine how this product can help enhance your dining table aesthetic while providing maximum merchandise visibility. Read on to learn more about why the Tray Display may be just what you need to boost your business!

Tray Display Comparison 2024

  • Best For Overall: [amazon link= “B0C5SYHV7N” title= “Generic Fruit Bowls 2-Layer Cake Stand”/]
  • Best For Cake: [amazon link=”B0BVVCFV7L” title=”KAOROU 3pcs New Crystal Base Cake Stand” /]
  • Best For Ice Cream: [amazon link= “B01FV5H6FA” title= “SOURCEONE.ORG Deluxe Acrylic Holder Display Stand”/]
  • Best For Snacks: [amazon link= “B0C72T3VNG” title= “JFGJL Fruit Plate Household High-grade Fruit Tray”/]
  • Best For Fruit: [amazon link= “B08SHWSTD7” title= “CasaGold- Wooden Carved Foldable Butler Tray”/]

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Tray Display Reviews 2024

Best For Overall – Generic Fruit Bowls 2-Layer Cake Stand

[amazon box=”B0C5SYHV7N” ]

The Generic Fruit Bowls 2-Layer Cake Stand is a great choice for adding style and elegance to any fruit basket. I appreciate its reinforced, load-bearing design, making it more solid and durable. 

It’s the perfect size for entertaining guests on birthdays, weddings, parties, family gatherings, or daily use. The iron material is durable and looks great, while the intricate craft ensures it stands up to the test of time. 

Overall, I’m impressed with this attractive and functional tray display!


  • Reinforced and load-bearing design, making it more solid and durable.
  • Perfect size for entertaining guests on any special occasion or daily use.
  • Attractive and functional tray display.
  • Intricate quality ensures it stands up to the test of time.


  • A bit pricey.

Best For Cake – KAOROU 3pcs New Crystal Base Cake Stand

[amazon box=”B0BVVCFV7L” ]

The KAOROU 3pcs New Crystal Base Cake Stand is a stunning display piece. The smooth metal base and gorgeous mineral crystals encircle the pedestal, creating a modern, eye-catching look. 

I was pleased by how easy it was to assemble – the pedestal and base fit together securely, making setup quick and hassle-free. The weighted base also provides a sturdy platform for displaying my creations, while the bonus cake server adds another touch of elegance. 

Overall, this excellent product looks beautiful and performs admirably – I highly recommend it!


  • Eye-catching design with a modern look.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Sturdy with the weighted base platform.
  • Includes matching metal cake server.


  • None identified.

Best For Ice Cream – SOURCEONE.ORG Deluxe Acrylic Holder Display Stand

[amazon box=”B01FV5H6FA” ]

The SOURCEONE.ORG Deluxe Acrylic Holder Display Stand is an excellent way to conveniently and attractively display waffles and sugar cones. The stand is clear acrylic and pairs nicely with any decor scheme. 

It can hold up to 4 1-¾ inches cones in diameter, making it perfect for various desserts. 

The stand is sturdy, well-made, and lightweight enough to move around easily. Overall, this is an excellent tray display solution that I highly recommend!


  • Made of clear acrylic, looks great with any decor scheme.
  • It can hold up to 4 cones 1-¾ inches in diameter.
  • Sturdy and well-made construction.
  • Lightweight, easy to move around.


  • Only designed for waffle cones and sugar cones.
  • Not suitable for larger cones or desserts.
  • It must be hand washed and cannot be put in the dishwasher.

Best For Snacks – JFGJL Fruit Plate Household High-grade Fruit Tray

[amazon box=”B0C72T3VNG” ]

My overall impression of the JFGJL Fruit Plate is that it is an incredibly luxurious and practical product. The processing details are finely carved, so it catches the eye and adds a sense of sophistication to any space. 

The edges and corners are perfectly polished, giving the plate a stable footing on whatever surface you place it on. The product’s durability is also top-notch, as it’s made from high-quality materials that are reliable and easy to clean. 

And with its simple and fashionable design, this plate will surely be a standout piece in any home! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a beautiful yet practical tray display.


  • Luxurious and sophisticated design.
  • Durable, high-quality materials.
  • Stable footing with polished edges and corners.
  • Simple and fashionable design.
  • Easy to clean.


  • None!

Best For Fruit – CasaGold- Wooden Carved Foldable Butler Tray

[amazon box=”B08SHWSTD7″ ]

The CasaGold- Wooden Carved Foldable Butler Tray is the perfect piece for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. 

The elegant lines and detailed wooden carving make this tray table timelessly stylish, while its detachable tray top adds convenience for easy display of treasures. The metal table base is also foldable, making it easy to store. The golden distressed finish adds an even more luxurious look and feel. 

I highly recommend this tray as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, festive seasons, or any other special occasion. It’s also the perfect addition to any home!


  • Elegant lines and detailed wooden carvings create a timelessly stylish look.
  • Detachable tray top for convenient display of treasures.
  • Foldable metal table base for easy storage.
  • Golden distressed finish adds an extra luxurious feel.


  • Handcrafted with slight variations and imperfections, making each piece unique to replace.

Kaibrite Cake Stands Set 9

[amazon box=”B09X36JCGC” ]

I was impressed with the Kaibrite Cake Stands Set 9. The high-strength iron and electroplated craft make it reliable and anti-rust, while the thicker and heavier bottom ensures great stability. 

I found it easy to install, taking only a few minutes of my time, and it was very simple to clean too. It adds an elegant touch to any occasion, leaving a lasting impression on guests. 

Delivery was fast, and customer service was great, so I would recommend this product without hesitation.


  • Reliable quality with high-strength iron and electroplated craft.
  • Easy assembly with preset holes for simple installation.
  • Atmosphere builder, transforming any event into a full celebration.
  • Elegant decoration, flawless for dining room or table decoration.
  • Fast delivery and great customer service.


  • None.

Kaibrite Cake Stands Set 8

[amazon box=”B09X35K2QX” ]

My experience with Kaibrite Cake Stands Set 8 has been excellent. It’s high-strength iron construction and electroplated craft make it anti-rust and highly glossy. I was pleasantly surprised by its thicker, heavier bottom, which makes it incredibly stable. 

Assembling the cake holder was easy – I had to screw on the preset holes. Additionally, it washes easily and is reusable, which makes it incredibly convenient. On top of that, this cake stand adds an elegant touch to any event or home decor with its modern design. 

Lastly, the product was delivered quickly, and customer service was helpful if I had any issues or questions before or after purchase. In short, Kaibrite Cake Stands Set 8 is a reliable and stylish display tray I highly recommend.


  • High-strength iron construction and electroplated craft make it anti-rust and highly glossy.
  • A thicker, heavier bottom makes it incredibly stable.
  • Easy to assemble with preset holes.
  • Washes easily and is reusable.
  • Its modern design adds an elegant touch to any event or home decor.
  • Quick delivery and helpful customer service. 


  • None.

LIUERB Cake Stand

[amazon box=”B09NMZ8Q2W” ]

My experience with the LIUERB Cake Stand has been a positive one. It’s made of strong, durable glass that is easily cleaned, and I love that it comes in 2 colors: transparent and coffee. It has an eye-catching round shape that helps it stand out visually. 

This cake stand is also quite portable, making it convenient to take with me when entertaining. The dome top and the stable base make it easy to use for various purposes, from holding desserts and cakes at dinner parties to serving as a punch bowl or snack tray. 

All in all, I highly recommend this cake stand for anyone looking for a high-quality display piece!


  • Made of strong, durable glass.
  • Portable and convenient to use.
  • Comes in two colors – transparent and coffee.
  • Eye-catching shape – round.
  • It can be used for various purposes (desserts, cakes, punch bowls, snack trays).


  • None!

Gdrasuya10 Cake Stands and Pastry Trays

[amazon box=”B095WKXGXT” ]

The Gdrasuya10 Cake Stands and Pastry Trays are a fantastic way to display treats for any event. The set includes a large cake stand with a base, 2 small cake stands with bases, 2 small golden round trays, 2 large sugar bowls, 2 small sugar bowls, a large rectangular glass tray, and a large glass tray. 

The material is safe and secure, made from a metal body and crystal bead with an acrylic mirror finish. It’s also easy to install and disassemble, making it reusable. 

Not only that, this cake stand set looks stunning and elegant! I recommend the Gdrasuya10 Cake Stands and Pastry Trays for anyone looking for a great display option for their treats. It’s perfect for any event or special occasion and looks great in home decor. 

The customer service is also reliable, so you can feel confident when purchasing. This product is a great way to show off your delicious desserts!


  • Made from a metal body and crystal bead with an acrylic mirror finish for safe and secure use.
  • Easy to install and disassemble, making it reusable.
  • Look stunning and elegant.
  • Perfect for any event or special occasion.
  • Reliable customer service.


  • A pack of 10 pieces may be more bulky for some users.
  • Depending on size and shape, it may not fit all types of desserts.


[amazon box=”B096NZ2XJB” ]

My review of the BOTAIDAHONG Cake Stand Set is positive! This set is perfect for any special occasion. The material used in its construction is high-quality iron and crystal, making it very durable and long-lasting. The shape is round, which adds to its elegant and sophisticated look. 

I also appreciate how the colors of the stand match any decor. The set includes 3 pieces, which is great for serving different desserts or snacks. 

Furthermore, it can even be used as a decorative piece in the home. Overall, this cake stand set is a great purchase, and I highly recommend it!


  • High-quality iron and crystal construction for durability.
  • Elegant round shape to match any decor.
  • Include 3 pieces for versatile use.
  • It can be used as a decorative piece in the home.


  • Color may vary slightly on different screens.
  • It must be handled with care to ensure longevity.

Kaibrite Cake Stands Set 10

[amazon box=”B094XXPRWR” ]

The Kaibrite Cake Stands Set 10 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of elegance and class to their home. It’s made from high-quality iron and crystal, with a clean chrome baking-painted finish that makes it durable and stylish. 

The detachable design makes it easy to install and disassemble, making it great for entertaining. I especially love the atmosphere this cake stand creates; it’s perfect for any occasion. Plus, with 10 pieces in the set, there’s plenty of space to showcase cakes and other desserts. 

This is a great product for anyone looking to add a touch of sophistication to their home.


  • Made from high-quality iron and crystal.
  • Detachable design, easy to install and disassemble.
  • Creates an elegant atmosphere for any occasion.
  • Include 10 pieces in the set for plenty of space to showcase desserts.


  • None!

Loyaltaling Cake Stands

[amazon box=”B097RHPWWH” ]

The Loyaltaling Cake Stands are an absolute must-have for anyone who loves to bake and decorate cakes. Made of metal construction with a classic and fancy wave pattern lace design, these stands are sturdy and reliable. 

I love the luxurious yet mysterious look that the white-tone color paint creates, and it’s completely food safe. It’s easy to assemble and store and clean up afterward. 

Plus, the package includes a variety of stands perfect for any occasion! I highly recommend these stands – they’re worth every penny.


  • Made of sturdy and reliable metal construction.
  • Classic and fancy wave pattern lace design.
  • White tone color paint is luxurious yet mysterious look.
  • Food-safe paint.
  • Easy to assemble, store, and clean up after use.
  • Variety of stands perfect for any occasion.
  • Refund policy and 24/7 support service.


  • Limited color options are available.

Kate and Laurel Bayville Vintage Tray Table

[amazon box=”B07W14N69R” ]

The Kate and Laurel Bayville Vintage Tray Table is an ideal addition to any home decor. I love the coastal white finish and rustic rope handles, which give it a vintage feel. The table is solid wood, offering robust storage and a quality surface. 

It’s 17 inches wide by 17 inches deep by 24 inches tall, and the tray has 3.5 inches depth to keep items secure. This multifunctional tray table serves cocktails, displays accent pieces, and stores household items. 

Assembly was extremely easy – I just unfolded the frame and secured it with the screws that were included, then placed the tray on top. All in all, I’m very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it.


  • Stylish design with coastal white finish and rustic rope handles.
  • Made of solid wood material for robust storage and quality surface.
  • Easy assembly – unfold, secure the frame, then place the tray on top.
  • Multifunctional tray table – great for serving cocktails, displaying accent pieces, and storing household items.


  • None noted.

LZG 2-Tier Bathroom Countertop Organizer Decorative Tray

[amazon box=”B08FDRGJ71″ ]

The LZG 2-Tier Bathroom Countertop Organizer Decorative Tray is a great way to organize your bathroom countertop. It is made from attractive bamboo walnut wood and brass, adding elegance to any space. 

The tray is multifunctional, so I can use it for organizing spices, soup or vegetable cans, sauces, cosmetics, bath accessories, vitamin bottles, medicine containers, mini plants, snacks, or office supplies. It also has a modern and simple Nordic-style design which looks great in my bathroom. 

Plus, the 2 storage levels provide plenty of room for creams, soap bars, hand lotion, and more. I’m glad I chose this decorative tray – an attractive and functional way to organize my bathroom countertop.


  • Attractive and elegant design with bamboo walnut wood and brass.
  • Multifunctional, perfect for organizing spices, sauces, cosmetics, bath accessories, vitamin bottles, medicine containers, etc.
  • Modern Nordic-style design that looks great in any bathroom.
  • 2 levels of storage provide plenty of room for creams and soap bars.


  • None!

DEPILA fruit 2-Tier Fruit Bowl

[amazon box=”B0BY7LQKR5″ ]

After researching DEPILA’s fruit 2-Tier Fruit Bowl, I’m impressed by its quality and craftsmanship. The bowl is made from ceramic, giving it a classic look and feel that adds to any kitchen decor. 

It features a wide-open design that allows easy access to fruits and vegetables while keeping them fresh. I appreciate the multi-storage capabilities of the bowl, allowing for different types of products to be stored and displayed stylishly. 

The size of this tray is also quite generous, making it a great centerpiece for the kitchen or living space.

Overall, I’m very pleased with DEPILA’s fruit 2-Tier Fruit Bowl. It takes up minimal counter space and looks great while being extremely functional. The quality and design of this tray make it an excellent choice for displaying fruits and vegetables in a stylish and modern way. 


  • Classic look and feel that adds to any kitchen decor.
  • Wide open design for easy access to fruits and vegetables.
  • Multi-storage capabilities with generous size.
  • Minimal counter space usage and stylish modern design.


  • None.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Tray Display

tray display

Whether you’re serving appetizers, fruit, snacks, or something else entirely, presenting your food aesthetically pleasing is key to a successful event. One of the best ways to do this is with tray displays – but how do you choose the right one for your needs? Read on for our top tips on choosing the perfect tray display!

Consider Your Space

tray display

The size and shape of your space will be a major factor in selecting the right tray display. If you have limited space, opt for smaller trays that only take up a little room and can fit comfortably into any area. 

Alternatively, larger trays are ideal if you have more room to play with, as they allow guests to help themselves easily without overcrowding each other. 

Think About Contents

The type of food you’ll serve will also affect the kind of tray display to choose. 

tray display

If you’re presenting a selection of small items such as appetizers and canapes, then look for trays with multiple compartments – this will keep each item separate and make it easier for your guests to identify what they want. 

On the other hand, if you’re displaying larger items such as fruit or snacks, then a single-tier tray with plenty of space will be best.

Consider Color and Design

Remember to think about the aesthetics of your tray display too! Choose a color and design that complements the décor of your event – this will ensure your food looks as good as it tastes.

If you’re unsure what to do, try to find a neutral color that won’t clash with other presentation elements.

Invest in Quality Materials

tray display

When choosing tray displays, the quality of materials is crucial. Look for trays made from durable materials such as stainless steel or food-grade plastic – these will ensure your trays last for years. High-quality materials also have the bonus of providing a sleek and professional look, so they’re well worth investing in.

The right material can make all the difference in how your presentation looks and how long it lasts. Many different materials available today can be used for tray displays. These include wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, and more. 

tray display

Each material type has unique pros and cons that should be considered when purchasing. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each type of material so you can make an informed choice about which is best suited for your needs. 

  • Wood

Wood is a popular material for tray displays as it is beautiful and durable. It can be easily customized with carvings or etchings to make an attractive presentation. The downside of this material is that wood can be prone to warping and cracking over time due to changes in temperature and humidity. 

  • Metal
tray display

Metal trays are another option when it comes to tray display materials. They are often more affordable than wood and offer a sleek, modern look. However, they can be susceptible to scratches or dents if not properly cared for. 

  • Plastic

Plastic trays are lightweight and shatter-resistant, ideal for buffet-style tray displays. While plastic is usually easy to clean, metal or wood may have a different sophisticated aesthetic. 

  • Acrylic

Acrylic trays offer a unique look that is both stylish and durable. They are lightweight and shatter-resistant, making them easy to transport and store.

  • Ceramic
tray display

If you like classic style, a ceramic tray display is ideal. This tray type can be used for hot and cold dishes, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen or dining room. 

The ceramic material is sturdy enough to handle the weight of heavier foods while still providing a beautiful presentation option for lighter fare. With its unique design and neutral color palette, the ceramic tray display will add an elegant touch to any setting.

Don’t Forget Functionality

It’s also important to consider the functionality of your tray display. Are there any features that could make transporting from room to room easier? Is it easy to clean and maintain? 

tray display

And does it come with handles for carrying or stacking multiple trays simultaneously? These are all important things to consider when selecting a tray display.

Consider the Number Of Layers

When choosing a tray display for appetizers, fruit, snacks, and other items, one of the most important considerations is the number of layers. A tray display with multiple levels can be visually appealing and provide more space for product placement. 

However, too many layers may make it difficult to access items or create an overwhelming impression. Knowing how many trays are ideal will help you find the perfect balance between style and practicality when shopping for a tray display.

Choose the Shapes

tray display

When it comes to buying a tray display for appetizers, fruit, snacks, and other food items, the shape of the tray is an important factor to consider. Different shapes can be more or less appropriate depending on the type of food you are displaying. 

Many options are available, from round trays accommodating little finger foods to rectangular trays perfect for larger dishes like salads and sandwiches. This article will explore some of the most popular shapes when shopping for a tray display.

  • Round

Round trays are generally seen in restaurants for appetizers, finger foods, and desserts. They are perfect for small dishes like shrimp, olives, or cookies because their shape allows the food to be presented easily. 

tray display

They usually come with a handle so they can be carried around. Another great benefit of round trays is their versatility – you can use them to serve sushi, fruit, or even as a centerpiece.

  • Rectangular

Rectangular trays are another popular choice for larger dishes like salads, sandwiches, and desserts among restaurants and catering companies. They come in various sizes to accommodate different types of food items. 

Rectangular trays also provide more stability than round trays since they have a flat base, making them easier to carry around without spilling the food.

  • Square
tray display

Finally, square trays are great for serving cheese platters or snacks. You can hold small dishes like olives, nuts, and crackers. Square trays also make an excellent centerpiece for buffets and dinner tables, providing more surface area than round trays.

Considering these tips, you can choose a perfect tray display. Whether hosting an intimate gathering or a large celebration, the correct tray display will make all the difference to your event – so select wisely!

Tray displays are essential to any retail environment, providing customers with easy access to merchandise and allowing businesses to showcase their products attractively. However, choosing the right tray display can be a challenge.

tray display

Many different types are available on the market today, each with advantages and disadvantages. This article will discuss five key factors you should consider when selecting a tray display for your business.

Ensure the Durability

Tray displays must withstand daily wear and tear from customers and regular cleaning by staff members or janitorial services. 

Look for trays made from stainless steel or aluminum materials that won’t corrode over time and can handle frequent use without becoming damaged easily. Also, check out how strong the frame is – it needs to be sturdy enough not to bend or break under pressure!

Check the Size and Capacity

tray display

Another important factor is size and capacity – make sure you choose a tray display that offers enough space for all your products while still fitting comfortably within your store layout. 

It’s also helpful if the trays have adjustable heights to accommodate items of different sizes.

Pay Attention to the Portability

Portability should be a priority if you plan to attend trade shows or special events. Look for tray displays designed to be taken apart and packed up easily, such as those with collapsible legs. This way, you can quickly set up your display in any environment without hassle.


tray display

Tray displays should be designed with visibility in mind. Look for slanted shelves or angled risers so customers can see the merchandise from different angles. This will help draw attention to your products and encourage impulse buys!

When choosing a tray display, these factors are key to finding the best option for your business. Consider each one carefully, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect tray display that meets your needs.

FAQs About Tray Display

What is a Tray Display?

tray display

A tray display is an attractive way to present appetizers, fruit, snacks, and other food items. It typically consists of several tiers or “trays” filled with different types of food for guests to enjoy. 

Tray displays are popular among caterers and event planners because they create a beautiful presentation that appeals to the eye and the palate.

What types of items can be included in a tray display?

The sky is the limit regarding what you can include in your tray display! Fruit, cheese, olives, meats, crackers, or chips – whatever you choose will look stunning if presented on multiple levels within your trays. 

You may add edible flowers or fresh herbs for even more visual appeal and variety!   

How do I arrange my tray display?

tray display

When arranging your tray display, it’s important to consider what kind of theme or color palette you want – this will ensure all elements work together harmoniously visually and taste-wise! 

Start by picking out similar colors for each tier, such as whites and creams in one, bright reds and oranges in another, etc. Then add various items to each level, like fruits, cheeses, and other items. 

Finally, top off with edible flowers, sprigs of herbs, or colorful vegetables for the perfect finishing touch!

What types of containers can I use for my tray display?

tray display

You can use anything from traditional food trays to cake stands and platters. The options are only limited by your imagination! If you’re looking for something that will make a statement, try using colored glass or metal containers which can be used to create a one-of-a-kind tray display.

How do I keep my tray display fresh? 

To keep your tray display looking and tasting fresh, it’s important to take the necessary precautions when preparing it. Ensure all items are properly refrigerated before setting up and stay in a cool area while displaying them. 

tray display

Additionally, be mindful of any sauces or dips that may need to be replaced throughout the event to ensure they stay fresh and edible. Lastly, remember to keep all leftovers as soon as the event is over and refrigerate them!

This will help extend the life of your tray display so you can enjoy it for days after.

Why Use Tray Display Instead Of Standard Shelving?

Unlike standard shelving, which tends to crowd multiple product types onto one shelf, tray displays offer a neat and well-organized look that gives your store an elegant yet functional aesthetic appeal. 

tray display

This style also helps keep all displayed items secure from damage caused by movement when people walk down the aisle or reach for something nearby—no more haphazardly placed stock! 

Additionally, using trays instead of traditional shelves reduces clutter since there’s less of a chance items can be misplaced or mixed up.

What Types Of Tray Displays Are There?

Many trays are available to display merchandise, including countertop displays, wall-mounted displays, hanging displays, and floor-standing displays. 

tray display

Depending on the size and shape of your space, you can choose from single or multi-level trays, which offer more flexibility for your needs.

Is Tray Display Easy To Set Up?

Tray displays are easy to set up and can be catered to various store layouts. If you’re using floor-standing units, place the trays in the desired area and arrange them however you like. 

Wall-mounted or hanging displays usually require a few more steps, such as attaching the trays to the wall, but overall they’re very simple and fast to install.


Overall, the Generic Fruit Bowls 2-Layer Cake Stand is an attractive and functional tray display for any occasion. The reinforced and load-bearing design makes it more solid and durable, while its intricate quality ensures it stands up to the test of time. It may be a bit pricey, but if you’re looking for something that will last a long time and look great, this product is worth considering!

[amazon box=”B0C5SYHV7N” ]

When it comes to tray displays, there are many options available for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a modern and stylish display or something more traditional, the perfect tray display can be found for your needs. 

These trays add style and sophistication to any room in your home or business and provide an easy way to present appetizers, fruit, snacks, and other items attractively. 

With so many different designs, shapes, and sizes of tray displays, finding one that meets all your requirements won’t be difficult! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a high-quality tray display today – it will make mealtime more enjoyable!