Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers To Buy 2024 | Reviews

Best Sandwich Makers: There are so many Sandwich Makers available that every decision seems complicated, especially because there are so many options. Our homes now are equipped with toasters for sandwiches. A delicious breakfast can be boosted by adding cheese, bacon, or even vegetables to bread.

Moreover, it is easy to prepare sandwiches when unexpected guests drop by; sandwiches are among the most straightforward recipes. A sandwich maker of the highest quality is therefore essential.

In order to give you your snacks faster, the best sandwich makers are supposed to have quick-heat functionality. Grilling and toasting are best done in proportion to ensure that all ingredients are cooked at the same temperature.

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Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers To Buy [year] | Reviews 5

10 Best Sandwich Makers 2024 Reviews List

Our Top PickT-fal 1500637135 Nonstick Sandwich Maker

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 Sandwich makers, such as the T Fal EZ Clean waffle makers, are known for their fantastic results. Easy to use and fun are the two main features of this application. Toasters prepare sandwiches or waffles that have been squared to add fruits, syrups, and other toppings.


The toaster has two sets of interchangeable plates and removable waffle plates. The plates are made from durable, nonstick materials and are dishwasher safe.

An LED light system indicates when the oven is ready to be used or baked with a red and green indicator. In addition, it is a small machine that takes up very little cooking space, and when you are finished cooking, you can easily store your device in your kitchen or place it on the countertop.

It quickly makes two square Belgian-style waffles at once, with pockets to keep syrup, fresh fruit, and other toppings; with two interchangeable plates, also make one or two perfectly toasted sandwiches with any combination of vegetables, meat, and cheese. Easily removable and nonstick, these plates may be washed in the dishwasher for a quick, hassle-free cleanup.

Additionally, you will find an integrated cord wrap and space-saving vertical storage. Red and green lights indicate that the oven is turned on and that it is ready to bake. It is easy to use and offers several recipes that enhance any repertoire of recipes, whether you are making brunch, lunch, or dessert daily.

Final Verdict

With the T Fal EZ Clean waffle maker, making sandwiches is as simple as adding the proper plates and closing the lid. It is convenient to wash the plates in the dishwasher since they are nonstick. It will also not occupy a lot of counter space since this machine is upright


  • Waffle plates are interchangeable
  • Features indicator lights
  • Cleanliness features
  • Handle that closes quickly and wraps the cord


  • Uncontrolled temperature

Best for Singles – Hamilton Beach 25490A Sandwich Maker

[amazon box=”B00N3L2DMG”]

The convenience of having a breakfast sandwich at home in 5 minutes is ideal for those lazy mornings when you’re craving something hearty but don’t have time to make something or go to a drive-through restaurant.


The second place on the list goes to Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich Maker. It is almost impossible to match the features offered at this price by Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich Maker. Comparisons of Sandwich Makers will show you that none of them can compare with this sandwich maker.

You can prepare delicious meals using the Hamilton sandwich maker from English muffins and biscuits to small bagels and more. Additionally, you can easily clean it up thanks to the dishwasher being able to fit all the removable parts.

It only requires 5 minutes to prepare your custom breakfast sandwich using this 4-step sandwich maker. Dual breakfast sandwich makers are great for kids or extra hungry people. Great for brunches or quick, healthy meals on the go.

There are plenty of delicious and fun ways to fuel your day with our complimentary breakfast maker recipe book. You can also use these for Keto and Paleo diets if you eliminate the bread.

Final Verdict

This product includes a variety of recipes that you can make if you want. It is efficient and has made some pretty perfect sandwiches, according to customers. Many people have warned that it may take some time and trial to master the machine and that it may take a little bit of learning. You might wonder if it will be a good addition to your morning routine, but if you play with it a little, it might be.


  • Make one or two sandwiches.
  • Less time consuming
  • Simple to clean
  • Fresh ingredients are best
  • A timer that tells you when sandwiches are done.


  • Turning Off is hard

Best panini press for added extras – Chefman Sandwich Maker 

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The Chefman Electric sandwich maker has excellent features and is easy to use. Besides grilling toast, you can also grill cheeseburgers, bones, meat, vegetables, and even hamburgers. Chefmans can also be used as panini presses, griddles, contact grills, or even half grills.


The toasted sandwich maker and Panini Grill from Chefman make food fast with the help of the 120-volt heat that cooks the food evenly and quickly. A compact sandwich toaster is also portable and easy to store, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to grill large groups or for camping or extensive family functions.

An opening of 180 degrees makes this gourmet sandwich maker ideal for sandwiches of any size, and the flat surface with a measurement of 10″ x 8″ lets you cook a variety of food. Easy cleanup is another feature that makes it a top sandwich toaster. Despite being non-removable, the plates can be cleaned with a damp cloth since they are nonstick.

You can fit all the ingredients inside the deep-fill plates of the toastie maker. It has a closed cooking surface and floating hinge that helps grill sausages and meat.

It is designed primarily for pressing ciabattas and paninis, with the floating lid being perfect for ensuring even coverage. However, when held at 180 degrees, it can also be used for toasting crumpets, warming pitas, and everything in between.

It’s the perfect kitchen item, dorm room item, office product, or you may even take it out on the road! Compact size allows for easy storage of your contact grill, and the skid-resistant feet tilt up to drain grease into a drain at the back of the closed panini maker. Easy cleanup is made possible by nonstick grill plates and a removable drip tray.

Final Verdict

Providing both grilled sandwiches and panini press functionality, this is the best sandwich maker available. There is plenty of room for two sandwiches filled with filling. This grill can also be opened flat, giving you access to each grill side individually.


  • Position for open-flat cooking at 180°
  • Hinges that float
  • Bottom and top grill plates
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Compact design


  • Complicated to use

Best Budget Sandwich Maker – OSTBA Sandwich Maker

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This OSTBA Sandwich Maker is your best option on the market today for sandwiches, toasties, and paninis. Whether you’re making grilled cheese toasties, toasted sandwiches, or even grilled eggs, this sandwich maker is the perfect appliance for your kitchen. One of the advantages of this Sandwich Maker is its moderate price and combination of great features.


In just a minute or less, the OSTBA heats up with 750 watts of power. Designed with evenly heated grill plates, you will get perfectly cooked sandwiches every time. The toast is indicated by an LED when it is ready. As a result, you will have perfectly toasted sandwiches.

There are four non-slip maps, which keep the panini press stable while cooking. The sandwich machine has 750W high power and heats up fast. The dual heating plates make the panini press evenly crisp outside and tender inside.

OSTBA panini makers cook hot paninis much faster in the morning, allowing you to eat a nutritious, quick breakfast. It also grills, cooks, and crisps French toast in one product. Easy to use and efficient.

It has easy-to-use lights that indicate when it’s time to cook, so you can begin cooking right away—safe and convenient operation with a cool-touch locking handle. Sandwich machines are small and portable and can be easily stored upright in small spaces. Also, it can be easily transported to your backyard or garden so you can use it there.

This sandwich maker even has a lock on the handle, so you don’t have to close it manually. You can also take the unit outside with you because it’s compact and portable.

Final Verdict

Sandwich makers such as this one are designed to be portable. Due to its small size, it can be easily stored on your kitchen counter top. Using its non-slipping maps, it keeps it in place. The lock is capable of locking by itself, and the handle is excellent.


  • Easy to use and quick.
  • Map with no slippage
  • Easy to store because it is compact
  • Heats evenly and quickly


  • Non-removable Plates

Best Panini Press for Versatility – Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill

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Breville’s Smart Grill is a sandwich press with more features than your typical machine. Sandwiches can be pressed, meat can be seared, vegetables can be grilled, and there are panini and barbecue modes.


Breville’s Smart Grill can be opened to lie flat in barbecue mode, allowing you to double your cooking surface. You can also use either the ribbed or flat plate. Furthermore, it is equipped with Element IQ technology that automatically adjusts the temperature when cold food is thrown on top of a preheated surface.

When it is in panini mode, the base can tilt to drain fat, and when it is in barbecue mode, a drip tray is provided. A removable nonstick plate makes cleanup a breeze.

Additionally, the display features backlit LCD, temperature, and time controls. Breville’s Smart Grill is not cheap, but it is a meat grilling machine that also works as a sandwich press.

By inserting an 1800-watt embedded heating element into the plates, the heat is applied more quickly, making cooking time shorter and reducing preheating time. This produces a sizzle and sear of BBQ quality.

Eggs and pancakes can be cooked on the flat bottom plate, while meat can be seared on the ribbed top plate. Interchangeable plating positions can be extended to create an open, flat ‘BBQ Mode.

If the container is not in use, the lockable lid ensures that it will remain upright. Breville began manufacturing sandwich presses in 1961.

You can insert sandwiches of all types and sizes into the flat nonstick plates, and the top is lowered to reveal the sandwiches. There is no complicated fitting or squeezing involved.

Final Verdict

Breville Smart Grill’s Element IQ technology bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor living by providing the best of both worlds. By embedding heat sensors in the grill plates, cold food can be warmed up without causing the temperature to drop. After this heat drop is detected, the sensors quickly inject heat to recover back to the desired cooking temperature.


  • Cost-effective
  • 1800W power
  • Easy to clean
  • Solid construction


  • Heats up slowly

Best for Families – Brentwood Non-Stick Sandwich Maker

[amazon box=”B003SIN0BC”]

You should choose Brentwood Panini Press and Sandwich Maker if you plan to invest in a sandwich maker. It is sure to be a hit with you. Brentwood Panini Press and Sandwich Maker are perfect for those who love to prepare all sorts of delicious food.


If you choose the Brentwood Panini Press and Sandwich Maker, you will not have to spend a lot of time searching for the right Sandwich Maker. Moreover, you will also not have to waste time looking for other Sandwich Makers that are compatible.

When you cook healthy meals using whole grain bread, this panini maker is a great option. The oven provides a roomy cooking area for two sandwiches that can be quickly toasted.

One or two sandwiches can be quickly cooked with this 750 watt non-stick Brentwood TS-246 Panini Press and Sandwich Maker. Plates are evenly and rapidly heated when grilling. The panini plates don’t stick to the nonstick surface. During the operation of the unit, power and preheat indicator lights will illuminate.

A non-skid foot keeps the unit in place. Safety is further enhanced by the cool-to-the-touch handles and housing. Easy store Panini presses upright with cord wraps. Carrying is easy with integrated handles. Each countertop benefits from a high-gloss black finish accented by brushed stainless steel.

Final Verdict

It offers two panini presses and sandwich makers in one powerful unit. The nonstick plate is fast and even to heat; power / preheat indicator lights are easy to see; the top is upright, and the back is cool to the touch—stainless steel accents and a glossy black finish complement any countertop.


  • Preheating and power indicators
  • Handle with a secure lock
  • Carry and store easily
  • Nonstick ware
  • Easy to clean


  • Nonstick surface peels off

Best Specialty – Ovente Non-Stick Sandwich Grill

[amazon box=”B0799V41GS”]

For the value of money, the Ovente Non-Stick Sandwich Grill is the best choice. A pocket-friendly solution is the Ovente Electric Indoor Sandwich Maker. Sandwich Makers are versatile – depending on your needs, you can use them frequently or occasionally.


With this versatile sandwich maker, you can cook omelets, French toast, and pocket sandwiches. You can cook breakfast faster with this fast-heating appliance. With this Ovente Electric Sandwich Maker, you are sure not to be late for work! With 750W and 120V, it is fast and reliable.

You can also have enough time to get ready after you warm up the eggs if you wish. In addition, a ready-for-cooking sign and an indicator light are included. Plus, LEDs require no maintenance. Detachable nonstick plates make cleaning a breeze.

Safe and comfortable to hold, Cool-Touch is the handle on this product. It has anti-slip feet that prevent slipping on countertops. There are three different plates (sandwich, waffle, and grill) for making quick and delicious meals at ANY time.

When you use this sandwich maker, you won’t have to skip breakfast, even when you want to get to work early. Become healthier and more punctual by saying goodbye to rushed mornings! Its cool-touch handle, anti-skid feet, and stability provide additional benefits.

Final verdict

The Ovente Non-Stick Electric Sandwich Maker has detachable plates, making it easier to clean than other sandwich makers. Detaching prevents bacteria from building up. With the Ovente Sandwich Maker, you can cook a sandwich in minutes using 120V and 750 Watts. You can also see the food’s status through LED indicator lights.


  • Heats up in three minutes
  • A non slip bottom
  • Designed to withstand heat
  • An anti stick coating for plates
  • Portable device
  • Indicators for power and preheating


  • As it heats up, it emits a foul smell

Best For Daily Usage – GOTHAM STEEL Sandwich Maker

[amazon box=”B0799V41GS”]

With the GOTHAM STEEL Toaster and Panini Grill, you will get the best combination of features. A little bit of money won’t be too much to pay. One of the most well-known names on our list is the Gotham Steel Panini Grill and Toaster.


Introducing the Gotham Steel Nonstick Sandwich Maker, which is easy to clean and easy to use! In less than five minutes, you can toast and eat four perfect pocket sandwiches.

Ceramic and titanium reinforce the ultra-nonstick surface, ensuring ultimate food release. After they cool, the simplicity of 1-2-3 cleanup makes healthier eating and the convenience of no oil or butter required.

The bliss machine is capable of toasting two sandwiches at a time, so you can achieve the sandwich dream using this machine. Including grilled cheese in addition to more sandwich options, there is plenty of room for mealtimes.

Grill plates with specialized shapes and non-stick titanium and ceramic surfaces make it easier to eat sandwiches and clean them quickly. When the lid is locked over a hot gas grill, sandwiches are ready in minutes.

Final Verdict

Getting this GOTHAM STAINLESS Toaster and Panini Grill quickly is a good thing. A sandwich maker under $100 is certainly worth considering if you’re looking for the best sandwich maker.


  • Cleanable non-stick surface
  • Surface reinforced
  • Butter and oil are not required
  • Heat-resistance handle
  • Indented diagonally


  • Closes incorrectly

Best Multifunction – Black+Decker 3-in-1 WM2000SD Sandwich Maker

[amazon box=”B07D7DTFM5″]

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 sandwich maker is ideal for making sandwiches every morning and easily adapted to different functions. Suitable for small kitchens and counters with limited space, this toaster is super compact.


The Black+Decker Waffle, Grill & Sandwich Maker does it all with this 3-in-1 appliance. This morning meal station can serve as a waffle maker, grill, or sandwich maker with interchangeable plates. Cleanable dishwasher-safe containers do not stick to the surface and are easy to clean.

During cooking, the plates can be monitored with the temperature indicator, and the handles are cool to the touch. A food processor makes breakfast sandwiches, waffles, eggs, hash browns, bacon, and crepes easy.

Making breakfast is easy with a 3-in-1 design. The compact design allows for interchangeable cooking plates for different purposes, such as waffle making, grilling, or toasting sandwiches. Dishwashers can safely handle nonstick dishes.

You can see when the plates are preheated thanks to the temperature indicator light. Easy-to-use handles provide cool-touch comfort. Excess grease can run off through grease runoff channels. Suitable for preparing waffles, breakfast sandwiches, eggs, hash browns, bacon, French toast, and more.

Final Verdict

The cooking plates and waffles of the BLACK+DECKER are interchangeable. There are no stick elements on these dishwasher-safe plates, making cleaning a breeze. In addition, the drip tray helps collect excess grease or dirt while cooking.


  • Three nonstick plates
  • Easily removable plates
  • Designed compactly
  • Channels for runoff of grease
  • Easy to clean


  • Pricey as compared to others

Best User Friendly – Ovente GPS401B Sandwich Grill

[amazon box=”B07MVN676J”]

If you are looking for a less time-consuming sandwich maker, then Ovente GPS401 Electric Sandwich Maker Series is the best choice. The cooktop reaches cooking temperature in 3 minutes after turning on! Its plates can even be heated and toasted. When you turn on the appliance or have been preheated, the indicator lights will come on. Making sandwiches doesn’t have to take a lot of time.


GPS401’s nonstick plates are easy to clean, thanks to the nonstick finish. By turning off the appliance and wiping down the sandwich grill’s plates with a kitchen sponge or a cloth dipped in warm soapy water, you can remove grease and food residue.

Sandwich makers like this one can do more than make sandwiches, so you’ll use it daily. In addition to cooking eggs and omelets, it can be used to make French toast!

It has anti-slip feet and durable stainless steel that gives it extra stability on smooth surfaces, as well as heat-resistant handles. Corrosion and heat are not a problem for this material! You can use it outdoors thanks to its light and portable design.

Sandwiches can be prepared at home with it whenever you like. The heater itself is powered by a 750W heating element, and the stainless steel body will not bend or warp under extreme temperatures. The sandwich maker should be preheated, the plates covered with a thin layer of butter, and the bread layered on top.

Final Verdict

It is straightforward to clean the nonstick plates since they are detachable. In addition to the LED indicators, the plates also show the temperature and when they’re ready to be cooked. It also has maintenance-free LEDs and a comfortable cool-touch handle. Countertops will be protected from slipping with anti-skid feet.


  • Led Indicators
  • Preheat Supported
  • Non-slip Handles
  • Anti-skid feet


  • Hard to clean

Buying Guide of Best Sandwich Makers

sandwich makers
Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers To Buy [year] | Reviews 6

All sandwich makers have a few standard features, which you need to remember when you get a new one. Buying a sandwich maker is a worry-free experience if your desired model has all these characteristics.

Not to mention, there is a substantial price. Sandwich makers can be pretty expensive to buy at times since there are many available.

Do you need a new sandwich maker, or is this the first time you are buying one? Check out some of these astonishing facts about this sharp kitchen appliance:


A panini sandwich machine that can make two sandwiches isn’t big enough for most customers. However, some people only value a small device that makes a small sandwich. There are enormous presses for making paninis and sandwiches. At the same time, there are also more and more small, continually more miniature round sandwiches that can be made into individual sandwiches with layers.


The sandwich toaster power is what determines the temperature and the heating rate of your sandwich maker.

Plate Shape

Usually, sandwich makers use triangle-shaped plates for their sandwiches, but grill sandwiches are available as well as rectangle-shaped ones. Other sandwiches are kept in one piece as well, even when the plate separates them into two pieces.

Slice count

It can also vary as to how many sandwiches or slices can be prepared in one go by a sandwich maker. Several models allow you to make four or six sandwiches, but we recommend models that allow you to cook and heat two sandwiches at the same time.

Coating Plate material

A sandwich maker’s coating plate material influences not only how it cooks, but also how it cleans. In Reason Sandwich Maker, non-stick cooking plates are superior to traditional ones because they do not stick to the material, and they are very easy to clean after use.

FAQ’s – Best Sandwich Makers 2024

sandwich makers
Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers To Buy [year] | Reviews 7

Is it worth getting a sandwich maker?

Making sandwiches for yourself or your children is easy with a sandwich maker. You can use it for free, quickly, and easily. Except for you yourself, it is difficult to burn a sandwich if you have never used the appliance before.

What makes a good sandwich maker?

Sandwich makers with a good seal will prevent filling from leaking out as they are fast to heat up. To create even toasties, your toaster should crisp the bread to a uniform golden brown, melt the cheese, and maintain a constant temperature for all the ingredients. Cleanliness and maintenance are also important.

What should I look for when buying a sandwich maker?

When buying the sandwich makers just check the below-mentioned factors

  • Plate Shape
  • Power
  • Slice Count
  • Coating Plate Material
  • Measurements
  • Price
  • Warranty

Final Words

So it’s all about you need to know about the best sandwich makers 2022. Toasted sandwiches are always a good choice. Everyone loves them. They are delicious. They are endorsed by some of the best chefs in the world and you can fill them with anything you want. Yum.

The rest of the summer should bring you many happy meals with your new sandwich maker.

If you have any suggestions on anything that we forgot, we’d love to hear them so that we can improve next time. Leave a comment if you have any sandwich maker questions that we haven’t answered yet.