Best Manual Coffee Grinder For French Press

When you’re a crazy coffee enthusiast, cravings know no bounds. And there needs no introduction to the fact that the finest coffee is indulged when the beans have been most freshly crushed. And that too, slow, perfect, and ground with love.

Hence, while electrical coffee grinders at home or your local coffee shops usually suffice, your buzz-call won’t wait when you’re on the move or adventuring away outdoors.

Being a coffee lover, it’s difficult to hold down the craving for a perfectly aromatic French press coffee. The best manual coffee grinder for French press can thus be your perfect go-to to meet your cravings anywhere, any time!

Though a little less efficient in terms of speed and quantity capacity, these devices are unbeatable when it comes to producing the freshest and riches flavor. Every step is done manually by yourself. Hence, the long wait is worth every second as you know it’s a cup brimming with love!

Best Manual Coffee Grinders For French Press Reviews

Manual Grinder By 9Lucky Tech

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Composed of stainless steel, this model by 9Lucky Tech is super durable and convenient to handle thanks to its silicone grip and ergonomic handle. Thanks to its compact size of 8.39 x 2.52 x 2.36 inches and a lightweight mass of 7.6 ounces, this model is all handy to travel with you wherever you go.

The device is super-quiet when in operation. It is equipped with conical burrs of ceramic, which doesn’t overheat during the grinding process. As a result, your coffee beans have no risk of getting over-toasted or burnt- thus resulting in an untainted, authentic, and rich coffee flavor.

You have full control over the coarseness of your coffee grounds which facilitates precise grounds for a perfect French press coffee every time! With a capacity to hold up to 1/3 cup of coffee beans at once, this manual coffee grinder has it all to meet all your coffee cravings.

Not only do you get to enjoy a flawless French press coffee with the perfectly ground beans, but Drip Coffee, Aeropress, Espresso, Turkish Brew, etc., and more too! The parts of the device are detachable with ease, thus making it a piece of cake to clean up; both by a brush or water as you desire.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable stainless-steel composition with silicon grip and ceramic burrs
  • Flexible control on coffee coarseness for perfect a perfect French press experience
  • Detachable parts facilitating convenient cleaning

JavaPresse- Best Burr Grinder For French Press

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With the capacity to grind up enough coffee for 2 cups of French press coffee at once easily, the JavaPresse coffee grinder is quite the charmer to meet all your French press indulgence. Though amazingly compact with a size of just 1.8 x 7.5 x 1.8 inches, it is impressively sturdy thanks to its stainless-steel composition.

Nothing can be a better experience for a true coffee lover than basking in the fresh rich aroma of coffee beans being ground up by your own hands. You get to take your sweet time to produce the perfect coarseness of coffee grounds. This results in an impeccable cup of French press every time that even pro coffee shops would struggle to beat.

Equipped with more than 18 click settings, you get full access to control how coarse or fine you want your coffee grounds to be from 15 grind settings. As a result, it great for your French press cravings, along with Drip Cone, Chemex, Espresso, Aeropress, etc., and more!

Its conical ceramic burrs perform spectacularly well both in terms of durability and performance while eliminating the chances of scorching your coffee beans. Hence, if you are in search of an effective, durable, and portable coffee grinder, this model is sure not to disappoint.

Highlighted Features

  • 15 grind settings to choose from
  • Conical burrs of ceramic
  • Grounds up enough beans for 2 cups of coffee in one go
  • Brushed stainless-steel composition with detachable parts

VEVOK CHEF- Best Grinder For French Press

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Cute and compact with a size of just 2.3 x 2.3 x 5.7 inches, this lightweight device with a mass of only 1.73 pounds is not only aesthetically pleasing and portable but durable too. Composed of ABS, Beechwood, glass, & stainless-steel, this model provides you the perks of it all while not compromising with performance.

Equipped with conical CNC stainless-steel burrs, this device performs like a pro with enhanced uniformity and power. This results in the most accurately-ground coffee beans for a phenomenal cup of French press or other coffee-types every time.

This model grinds 20 grams of beans which is ample for two cups of coffee at once, thus making a great gadget for your personal doses of buzz or small groups. The glass jar holds up to 48 grams of coffee grounds, thus making it convenient for you to store enough for 4 cups of coffee.

The device comes with six grind settings to choose from which are effortless to set. Hence, the French press isn’t the only coffee-type you get to indulge on. Its manual operation is virtually noise-free in comparison to electric models. You thus get to enjoy your desired dose of buzz anywhere without being a nuisance to others.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel device with glass jar, internal ABS hopper, and beech wood & steel handle
  • Durable, aesthetic, and effortlessly portable anywhere
  • Equipped with conical CNC stainless-steel burrs
  • Makes 20 grams of coffee grounds at once and stores up to 48 grams in the jar

HEIHOX Hand Coffee Grinder- Best Coffee Grinder For Coarse Grind

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Weighing just 2.01 pounds, the HEIHOX Hand Coffee Grinder is a model you can count on wherever you are; whether it’s your home, office, picnics, camping, etc. It is constructed with high quality 304 stainless-steel and aluminum alloy, thus making it durable to the max.

The knob on the handle is made of wood, thus making it comfortable to use. It is effortless to clean up just with a brush and the parts are separable with ease for basic cleaning. With dimensions of 8.54 x 6 x 3 inches, this model is all ready to go wherever you with ease to meet your French press cravings anywhere!

Equipped with more than 24 click settings, you get cent percent control over the coarseness of your coffee grounds. Hence, along with the richness of French press coffee, it caters to other coffee types too, which include pour-over, machine drip, Turkish brew, espresso, cold brew, siphon, etc., and more!

The product possesses the capacity to hold up to 30 grams of coffee beans, making it more than sufficient to meet your instant coffee cravings. Stainless steel conical burrs provide a more even and powerful performance, grounding up your beans relatively more efficiently and precisely.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel and aluminum allow composition with wooden handle-knob
  • 24 click settings for precise grind control for versatile coffee-types
  • 30-gram bean capacity
  • Sleek, compact, portable, and hassle-free to clean thanks to separable parts


[amazon box=”B07VWN5B31″]

This is another good-looking manual grinder that is composed of glass, stainless steel, and ceramic. Easy to disassemble, it is hassle-free to clean, which further enhances the durability of the device. The ceramic burrs are impressively efficient, minus the possibility of overheating and burning your coffee beans/grounds.

As a result, you get to enjoy the most unadulterated taste of French press anywhere! You have full flexibility to choose any grind setting, getting you the perfect coarseness for any other coffee as well. This model, unlike most, comes with two class jars of 5.5-ounce capacity each.

As a result, you get to store your freshly ground coffee in style, which makes your life easier and also improves portability in style. Its compact size of 8.7 x 8.3 x 4.2 inches with a very low mass of just 1.5 pounds is also a lifesaver to meet your coffee cravings even when you’re on the move.

One unique feature this model possesses unlike traditional manual coffee grinders is that it can grind not only coffee, but other beans too! So with a device like this near your hands that does more than one job, you may not feel like settling for anything less!

Highlighted Features

  • Grinds other beans too
  • Comes with two clear glass jars for storage and portability
  • Impressively lightweight
  • Full flexibility to choose any grind setting

Manual Coffee Grinder For French Press Buying Guide

manual coffee grinder for french press

Size & Durability

The size of the device to opt for is based on your requirements. Larger devices tend to have higher capacities but they tend to be less portable. Hence, they are great for when you want to enjoy an authentic milling experience in the comfort of your home.

For portability to your office, house parties, outdoors, etc., compact and lightweight devices are the smartest bet.

The grinder you go for must also be composed of durable material. Nothing beats stainless steel but ABS devices tend to be lighter in mass. For aesthetics, you may choose to go for clear plastic or glass containers/parts as well. But stick to stainless steel/ABS models for more portable purposes.

Durability is affected by how well you clean and maintain the device. Removable parts of high-quality material enable more effortless cleaning; thus boosting its life even further.


Grinding coffee manually is already a hefty task, and it would be more disappointing and discouraging if you have to grind from scratch for every cup! Manual grinders generally have lower capacities than electrical ones. But it ranges from enough ground coffee for 2 cups to up to 9-10.

This fluctuates a little depending on how strong you like your French press coffee, but I’d say choose a model with a capacity of at least 4 servings for standard efficiency. Higher capacities are better for when you intend to make coffee for more people or for when you intend to store some grounds.

Number Of Grind Settings

French press coffee usually requires coffee grounds on the coarser side to prevent them from falling through the press mesh or from clogging it. Either way, for whichever coffee type, it is crucial to have control over the fineness of the ground coffee in order to bring out the spot-on aroma and flavor.

Hence, the best hand coffee grinder for French press must offer accurate & ample grind settings. And if you’re more of a pro grinder, feel free to choose a stepless/flexible model that enables you to choose from the widest range of coarseness/fineness.

Burr Type

Most manual grinders have conical burrs as they create coffee particles of various sizes. This results in your French press coffee being lusciously vibrant and intense to tickle your tastebuds perfectly. Flat burrs are great for evenly sized coffee particles and thus result in your coffee having a chocolatier note.

The burr material can be either composed of stainless steel or ceramic, and each of them offer their unique perks. Stainless steel ones are more durable and they are recommended for more portable purposes.

Ceramic ones on the other hand are great for home use, and since they have lower thermal conductivity, your coffee beans don’t get too overheated. It thus saves you from the possibility of having a burnt aftertaste which is not the most palatable experience.


All good things in life need work; so does the perfect cup of fabulously ground & brewed French press bliss. And nothing elevates the whole experience to the max when you ground up the beans yourself by hand.

The best manual coffee grinder for French press is thus a dream gadget for any true coffee lover- one that enables you to indulge in the labor of love line nothing else. Hence, in order to bask in the most coffeelicious luxury like never before, these devices sure are worth more than every penny of their worth!