Top 8 Best Kitchen Toasters

It wouldn’t be a new year without a new guide to some of the best products for the home. We know there’s a lot to choose from and want to help you sort through it all. So, let’s start with an essential item for any home – kitchen toasters.

Here is our list of the Top 8 Toasters of 2018; we’ll help you sort through the functionality and designs of our favorite ones sold online.

KitchenAid 2 Slice Slot Toaster

[amazon box=”B00Y2KFX56″ ]

Top reviewed toasters on Amazon! The KitchenAid brand, known for quality, they have a few toasters worth mentioning. So, we’ll start with the stylish guy.

This kitchen toaster, by KitchenAid, comes in a variety of finishes, including silver. So, it will be a lovely addition to any kitchen. It’s also crafted with sturdy construction and won’t feel as flimsy as some of those other toasters on the market. 

It comes equipped with a variety of settings and functions as well.

Whether you want your bagel extra toasted or for your raisin bread to be just a little golden brown, this toaster is up to the task.

Really, the only problem we found, with it, is the size. While care was obviously given to keep it compact, it can still take up more space than your average toaster. Just double check the measurements before ordering to see if it might be an issue.

Extra Wide Slot, Multiple Browning Settings, Multiple Functions Including: Bagel, Defrost & Warm, Great Style.

Can take up some counter space.

BREVO 2-Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster for Bagel Breakfast with Reheat Defrost

[amazon box=”B07DP1PTM5″ ] 

We always like to present something that’s a “budget buy”. Of course, we don’t see why you should have to sacrifice appearance and functionality to get something more affordable. Which is why we’ve included this two slice toaster, by BREVO.

With extra wide slots, it can accommodate bagels, and even includes a special setting for them. The exterior is a stainless-steel finish, with button activated functions. The crumb tray is removable as well, which makes cleanup easier.

Something to mention though, is that it’s light weight. Because of this it may appear a less durable to some. Still, it’s easy to clean and operate.

So, it’s not out of the running.

Pros – Multitude of functions and features: Defrost, Bagel, Reheat, Cancel, Toasting Settings

Cons – It’s lightweight design can feel flimsy to some.

COSSCCI 2 Slice Toaster Red, Brushed Stainless Steel Toaster

[amazon box=”B0756S3RMN” ] 

Not everyone has heard of COSSCCI. So, it’s understandable if it didn’t immediately get added to your own list of top toasters. Still, given its affordable price, retro styling, and steady functionality, we’d be remiss not to include it.

Equipped with everything you’d expect from a toaster, the COSSCCI has something the other behemoths are missing. It’s a space saver. Since our kitchens, with all our cooking gear, can be an over-packed area, counter space can come at a premium.

So, if you’re looking a toaster that’s up to the task and can save some space, then give this one a chance.

Small size makes it a great space saver.

Less brand recognition, Fewer Reviews Available

KitchenAid Toaster with Manual High Lift Lever, Contour Silver

[amazon box=”B003TT2Q1U” ] 

Of course, another KitchenAid toaster made the list. This is another solidly constructed, well priced product. It comes in three finishes: Black, red, and silver. So, you’ll have your pick of what will best suit your kitchen.

With classic design and solid construction, it’s an example of what we’ve all come to expect, from a brand like KitchenAid. However, while it will get the job done, it’s not without its minuses.

Like some of the other kitchen toasters on our list, it’s not a space saver. You’ll need to make a little extra room on the counter-top. It also has fewer shade settings, which is a detractor for some.

Despite these small grievances, it’s still worth considering. Just take a look at the many positive reviews and you’ll get a better idea of why we included it.

Functionality & Features are versatile, solid construction, great style

Low range of shade control for the toast

KRUPS Breakfast Set 2-Slot Toaster with Brushed and Chrome Stainless Steel

[amazon box=”B0083VCXQM” ] 

Now, here’s a toaster, with all the bells and whistles, at a reasonable price. This monster of a toaster comes loaded with all the functionality you would expect.

Solid construction and extra wide toast slots are just some of the advantages. It has a removable crumb tray, a wide range of shade control settings and several functions, such as: Defrost, Reheat, Bagel, and Cancel.

No need to singe your fingers, grabbing those slices, either. Its manual lever will allow you to raise them for easy removal. The stainless-steel exterior is easy to clean, as well.

Top this great functionality with great design and you have a winner on your hands.

Loaded with features and style.

Can take up a lot of space on the counter.

Black + Decker 2 Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

[amazon box=”B00GGFHH4U” ] 

Maybe the past few kitchen toasters were priced higher than you wanted to spend. Sometimes you just need a trusty little toaster to get the job done. Which is why we’ve included this great little offering from Black + Decker.

Look, it’s got everything you would expect from a toaster: Shade settings, bagel settings, removal crumb tray. Everything you need is there. What makes it so noteworthy is the price.

At under $20, it can fit into the most budget conscious of homes. Because of this it could also make a great gift for that one going off to college.

Toast is a cheap enough snack and many dorms will make allotments for such an appliance. Something to consider in your last minute shopping.

Combine is straightforward style and trusted brand name, you’ve got a real value on your hands. If you’re trying to save and you just want a toaster that will get the job done, then consider this Black + Decker toaster.

Compact Design, Handy Features, Great Price, Extra Discounts Available with Some Retailers

Not as sturdy as some and basic style.

Fortune Candy, 2 Slices Toaster Bagel Toaster With Extra Wide Slot

[amazon box=”B01IP00QD2″ ] 

One of the things we like about making these lists, is finding great products by lesser known brands. While not yet as recognizable as some of the industry Goliaths, Fortune Candy is making a name for itself, with solid products. Focusing on both substance and panache, they’ve created a toaster that will meet most discerning criteria.

It’s got that retro look that fits well into just about any kitchen. Easy to clean and operate, it can get those bagels and artisan slices the ideal golden brown. Compared to other kitchen toasters in its class, it doesn’t take up that much space, either.

Combine all of this with an extended warranty and you have a real contender of a toaster.

Either a 2-year or 4-year warranty is available at purchase.

Still a lesser known brand

Cuisinart, Bakery Artisan Bread Toaster, Chrome

[amazon box=”B01LXQLRD1″ ] 

Of course, we couldn’t make a list like this without mentioning Cuisinart. To say the least, this is a time-tested brand, known for its quality products. Solidly constructed, this little toaster can be counted upon in a snap.

With extra-large toasting slots, and high-lift lever it can easily accommodate those less uniform, artisan slices. Plus, the sleek stainless steel finish will fit nicely into most kitchens.

Combine that with trustworthy functionality and we feel confident you will be happy with the results.

However, it is higher in the price range, for most kitchen toasters. Not everyone will want to spend the money on this. To hedge your bets, you can always purchase one of the extended warranties but those are a bit pricey as well.

Solid Construction, Wide Range of Settings and Features


Pricier, Expensive Warranties


Golden brown toast is a delightful addition to any breakfast. Loaded with butter, jam, or just made into sandwiches, these tasty slices are versatile. It’s such a simple thing and yet too often an inadequate toaster will get it horribly wrong.

Think about it. No doubt you’ve had toast that was perfectly golden on one side while burnt char on the other. It’s a patchy dissatisfying mess.

One which can easily be avoided by selecting the right equipment.

In the end, we knew some of you are Cuisinart fans, so we couldn’t make a list without at least one.

Well, we hope you enjoyed our list. If you’re closer to selecting your new toaster, even better. Take a look at our links to other guides, as well. Whether you’re looking for a new toaster, humidifier or just something to make your life easier, we probably have a handy guide for it.

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