Cheese Shredder Commercial: Fresh Ideas For Cooking With Your New Shredder

Are you looking for ways to spice up your cooking? If so, then a cheese shredder commercial is the perfect tool to help you add some extra flavor and texture to meals. With its ability to quickly turn hard cheeses into thin, uniform slices or strips, a cheese shredder can make preparing dishes faster and easier than ever before. 

And now there’s an even better way of using it – cheese shredder commercial! This innovative product takes the already time-saving benefits of using a cheese grater and adds additional features that allow you to create delicious meals in minutes. 

From shredded Parmesan on top of pasta dishes to freshly shaved Reggiano with salads, this commercial-grade kitchen appliance can transform any dish into something special. Read on for more information about how this product can revolutionize your cooking experience!

Cheese Shredder Commercial Comparison 2024

  • Best For Overall: [amazon link=”B08P5B1Z35″ title=”NEWRTY 750W Commercial Electric Cheese Shredder” /]
  • Best For Quality: [amazon link=”B0089UA3FK” title=”Robot Coupe R2N CLR Continuous Food Processor” /]
  • Best For Commercial Use: [amazon link=”B0BXLRP5QY” title=”Restaurantware Met Lux Continuous Feed Food Processor” /]
  • Best For Durability: [amazon link=”B00BHQQRIU” title=”Waring Commercial WFP14SC Continuous Food Processor” /]
  • Best For Price: [amazon link=”B09744BPJH” title=”CMI Commercial Multifunctional Automatic Cheese Grating Machine” /]

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Cheese Shredder Commercial Reviews 2024

Best For Overall – NEWRTY 750W Commercial Electric Cheese Shredder

[amazon box=”B08P5B1Z35″ ]

I recently purchased the NEWRTY 750W Commercial Electric Cheese Shredder and I am incredibly impressed with its performance. The machine is made out of magnesium-aluminium alloy, which ensures it will not rust and is very durable. It also has a skid-proof footrest to prevent displacement when in use. 

Additionally, it comes with various types of blades including options for slicing, cubing and wavy slicing so I can create whatever type of cuts I need. What really stands out about this cheese shredder is the large caliber feed port which makes it easy to put vegetables and fruit into the machine without them falling off the table. All in all, this is a great product that offers convenience, efficiency and excellent quality.


– Magnesium-aluminium alloy construction

– Skid-proof footrest 

– Various types of blades

– Large caliber feed port 


– May require some assembly before first use

Best For Quality – Robot Coupe R2N CLR Continuous Food Processor

[amazon box=”B0089UA3FK” ]

I have to say that I’m extremely pleased with the Robot Coupe R2N CLR Continuous Food Processor. The smooth “S” blade that comes with the bowl assembly is great for blending ingredients, emulsifying liquids, and chopping to a coarse texture. 

The 2.9 liter clear polycarbonate batch bowl is perfect for processing multiple ingredients at once and the clear top allows me to see what’s inside. Additionally, the 3-button control panel makes it easy to use and ensures precision while the lever-activated auto restart magnetic safety system optimizes throughput. 

Moreover, it includes two discs: a 5/32″ slicing disc that makes a 4mm cut; and a grating disk making a 2mm medium sized product which is perfect for garnishes and general use in recipes. All in all, I highly recommend this powerful food processor!


– Smooth “S” blade 

– 2.9 liter clear polycarbonate batch bowl

– 3-button control panel

– Lever activated auto restart magnetic safety system optimizes throughput 

– Includes two discs 


– None identified

Best For Commercial Use – Restaurantware Met Lux Continuous Feed Food Processor

[amazon box=”B0BXLRP5QY” ]

As a professional chef, I can attest to the power and convenience of the Restaurantware Met Lux Continuous Feed Food Processor. The 1 HP motor has been powerful enough to handle all of my prepping needs, for both small and large amounts of ingredients. It comes with 4 discs (2 grater discs and 2 slicer discs) which are great for slicing all kinds of vegetables. 

I especially love the two separate hoppers for potatoes and cucumbers – they make it so much easier to quickly slice them without having to switch out blades. Plus, the protection lock is an added bonus that helps protect my hands from any accidents. All in all, this commercial food processor is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable kitchen appliance.


– Powerful 1 HP motor 

– Comes with 4 discs (2 grater and 2 slicer) 

– Separate hoppers for potatoes and cucumbers to make slicing easier 

– Protection lock to avoid accidents while not in use


– None!

Best For Durability – Waring Commercial WFP14SC Continuous Food Processor

[amazon box=”B00BHQQRIU” ]

When I want to quickly and easily prepare food, the Waring Commercial WFP14SC Continuous Food Processor is my go-to. The high-performance 1-horsepower motor makes slicing, shredding, grating, chopping, puréeing, whipping, and more possible – it truly does offer a wide variety of processing applications. 

I was also impressed by its LiquiLock seal system which keeps food secure in the 3-1/2-quart unbreakable clear-view batch bowl. What’s more, the extra-large feed chute and food pusher make it easy for me to maximize my productivity in the kitchen. Furthermore, with its UL and ETL sanitation certifications as well as its 120VAC, 60 hertz and 6 amp power input capabilities, I can trust that my food processor is safe to use.


– High-performance 1-horsepower motor 

– LiquiLock seal system keeps food secure

– Extra large feed chute/funnel and food pusher 

– UL and ETL sanitation certifications for safety 


– Noisy when running at full speed 

– May require some time to get used to all functions

Best For Price – CMI Commercial Multifunctional Automatic Cheese Grating Machine

[amazon box=”B09744BPJH” ]

I had the chance to try out the CMI Commercial Multifunctional Automatic Cheese Grating Machine and I’m very pleased with it. The powerful 3/4 HP (550W) motor makes grating cheese and other vegetables and fruits a breeze. 

Additionally, the dual hopper continuous feed system is very convenient as I don’t have to take breaks to reload food into the machine. Furthermore, I appreciate the ergonomically friendly 45 degree angled work surface with auto stop food pusher which helps me avoid injuries while grating cheese. 

The heavy duty cast aluminum construction also ensures that this machine is durable and requires minimal maintenance over time so I can be confident it will last a long time. Finally, having food grade certification from ETL gives me peace of mind knowing that the machine meets USA standards for safety and quality.


– Powerful 3/4 HP (550W) motor 

– Dual hopper continuous feed system 

– Ergonomically friendly 45 degree angled work surface 

– Heavy duty cast aluminum construction 

– Food grade certification from ETL meets USA standards


– Pricey compared to manual graters

NEWTRY Commercial Cheese Grinder

[amazon box=”B0968BF16B” ]

If you’re looking for a reliable, powerful and efficient grinder, I highly recommend the NEWTRY Commercial Cheese Grinder. The body is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, making it extremely durable and hygienic. The pure copper motor is incredibly powerful at 550 watts and can grind up to 88 pounds of food per hour. 

Additionally, this grinder is suitable for a variety of materials, from cheese to peanut butter to bread crumbs. It has been an incredible asset in my kitchen and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable yet powerful cheese grinder.


-Made of high-quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel

-Uses a pure copper motor 

-Can grind up to 88 pounds of food per hour 

-Suitable for a variety of materials, from cheese to peanut butter to bread crumbs 


-None noted

Robot Coupe CL50 Continuous Feed Food Processor

[amazon box=”B0029SKQH8″ ]

My old food processor was about to die and I needed something that could handle the demands of a busy kitchen, so I decided to go with the Robot Coupe CL50 Continuous Feed Food Processor. 

The two hoppers make it incredibly easy to process both bulky and long produce. With just a press of the green ‘on’ button, the 1 ½ hp motor is activated at 425 RPM and with a press of the red ‘off’ button, I can easily shut it off. The ergonomic handle also provides great leverage when pushing food through either hopper. 

The included 3mm slicing and grating discs provide me with enough versatility to complete any prepping tasks I need. Perhaps most impressive is its powerful motor which is built to industrial standards — I have no worries about the workload of my kitchen! Additionally, a magnetic safety switch and motor brake keep me safe while operating this machine.


– Large 6 7/8″ full moon hopper 

– Small 2 5/16″ cylindrical hopper 

– Two push button controls 

– Ergonomic handle

– 3mm slicing and grating discs included 

– Powerful 1 ½ hp motor


 – None identified

Sirman 20021608 GF Dakota Hard Cheese and Bread Grater

[amazon box=”B01C5HIFM0″ ]

I recently purchased the Sirman 20021608 GF Dakota Hard Cheese and Bread Grater and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. The grater is made of stainless steel, which makes it extremely durable for long-term use. It also has an air-cooled motor that ensures high performance even when used for extended periods of time. 

Additionally, there is an interlock safety feature that prevents the machine from running unless the handle is adequately lowered and shuts off the machine when the handle is lifted. Overall, this commercial grade grater offers excellent quality that makes it perfect for any kitchen.


– Durable stainless steel construction 

– Powerful air cooled motor 

– Interlock safety measure for added protection 

– Commercial grade quality 


– No cons identified

Commercial Small Food Processor

[amazon box=”B0BHM9DPWV” ]

Being  a busy home chef, I was looking for a food processor that could make life easier. The Commercial Small Food Processor from ABC Kitchen Equipment most certainly delivers. The processor comes with four stainless steel discs that are great for slicing, grating and shredding vegetables for any meal. 

It makes prep work incredibly easy and efficient, saving me time so I can focus on other tasks. With its powerful 1 HP / 1500 RPM motor, it quickly produces large quantities of food in no time at all. It is also very easy to disassemble and clean, making it a great kitchen tool to have. 

I love how I can get perfectly precise slices of cucumbers in just 8 seconds! This food processor has been an amazing addition to my kitchen and has made meal preparation so much easier and enjoyable.


– Easy to disassemble and clean 

– Comes with four stainless steel discs

– Quickly produces large quantities of food in no time at all 

– Perfectly precise slices of cucumbers in just 8 seconds  


– Cost may be higher than other food processors

Magiccos 14-Cup French-Fry-Cutter Food-Processors

[amazon box=”B09Z65NLP5″ ]

I am very pleased with the Magiccos 14-Cup French-Fry-Cutter Food-Processor. With its seven speed settings and blue indicators, it is easy to find the perfect working condition for whatever food processing needs I might have. 

The large feeder chute allows me to process medium-sized vegetables and blocks of cheese without having to cut them down into smaller pieces, which saves a lot of time and energy. Additionally, the integrated storage drawer is great for keeping all of my blades together in one place. This prevents me from losing any important components. 

Lastly, the max capacity XL work bowl provides a spacious container that can hold a lot of food at once. As long as I remember to lock the lid, protective cover and bowl firmly onto the base before use, my experience with this food processor will be safe and efficient.


– Seven speed settings and blue indicators

– Large feeder chute 

– Integrated storage drawer 

– Enhanced drive shaft released in 2023 

– Max capacity XL work bowl 


– Must remember to lock the lid, protective cover and bowl firmly onto the base before use for safety and efficiency

Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Electric Shredder

[amazon box=”B0000Z6JJG” ]

I was so impressed with the Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Electric Shredder. This powerful, 114-watt electric slicing/shredding machine has a large food chamber that can accommodate large or small loads and is equipped with an adjustable food guide for precise cuts. 

With this appliance, it’s really as easy as pointing and shooting–a funnel guide directs ingredients exactly where they need to go. There are also several accessories included like those for creating thick slices and ripple cuts, making it even more versatile. 

The base wipes clean easily and the dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze. For anyone looking for an electric shredder that gets the job done right and quickly, I highly recommend the Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Electric Shredder!


– Powerful, 114-watt electric slicing/shredding machine 

– Large food chamber 

– Adjustable food guide 

– Base wipes clean easily 

– Comes with a 1 year limited warranty. 


– No major cons identified

VEKAYA 5 in 1 Rotary Cheese Grater with Handle

[amazon box=”B08FB1TM7S” ]

As a home chef, I am very impressed by VEKAYA’s Rotary Cheese Grater with Handle. It has a unique rotating grater design that makes it easy to use, and its strong handle makes it cut ingredients 18x faster than other julienne shredders. It also comes with five different interchangeable blades, so I can easily grate hard cheese, chocolate, nuts, garlic, and even peanuts and almonds. 

Plus, it’s easy to clean and assemble – the drum has two blades that can be taken out for washing, and all the blades store neatly in a box. This rotary cheese grater is also equipped with a stable suction cup that keeps it firmly fixed on the countertop. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for an efficient way to prepare food quickly!


– Unique rotating grater design 

– Cuts ingredients 18x faster than other julienne shredders

– 5 interchangeable blades 

– Easy to clean and assemble, blades store neatly in a box 

– Equipped with stable suction cup 


– No cons identified

KitchenAid Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder

[amazon box=”B01MUTSU13″ ]

I had a chance to try out the KitchenAid Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder and I was very impressed with its performance. It’s designed and engineered by the same people who make KitchenAid Stand Mixers – so you know it’s of the highest quality. 

Included in the package are three blades, each meticulously crafted to handle various food sizes with precision. The first is a 3mm slicing blade, ideal for effortlessly slicing cucumbers, carrots, celery, and zucchini. Next, a 4mm medium shredding blade, perfectly suited for shredding cheeses and firm vegetables like carrots. Lastly, a 6mm coarse shredding blade, an excellent choice for efficiently shredding cabbages, potatoes, and more.

All blades are also dishwasher safe on the top rack so clean up is quick and easy. This attachment has certainly given my KitchenAid Stand Mixer newfound versatility that I didn’t have before. I highly recommend this product to any home chefs looking to upgrade their kitchen appliances!


– Top quality performance

– Comes with three blades

– 2-in-1 Food Pusher

– Blades are dishwasher safe 


– None

Rotary Cheese Grater Cheese Shredder

[amazon box=”B096LQZ99N” ]

I am so happy with my purchase of the Rotary Cheese Grater Cheese Shredder! I love the classic black color scheme, which makes it look great in my kitchen. It is made from food grade, BPA-free plastic and high quality stainless steel blades that are very efficient at grating cheese. 

I also feel completely safe when using this product since the blades are not in contact with my hands. Installation was a breeze; all I had to do was put the drum blade into the tumbling box and secure the handle. 

Furthermore, Cambom offers 90 days of quality protection on all products and their customer service team is extremely responsive – they reply to all messages within an hour!


– Classic black color scheme 

– Made from food grade, BPA-free plastic and high quality stainless steel blades 

– Blades are not in contact with hands while in use, making it safe to operate

– Easy installation process 

– 90 days of quality protection and quick response customer service team 


– Not suitable for soft cheese or coarse shredding

Ancevsk Rotary Cheese Grater with Handle

[amazon box=”B096YZ3TDR” ]

It’s been a great experience using the Ancevsk rotary cheese grater with handle. It’s incredibly easy to use, allowing me to get fresh shredded cheese in just 60 seconds. I also appreciate that it doesn’t require any electricity, making it perfect for use on a smooth and clean countertop. 

Additionally, the handle provides extra safety by keeping my hands away from the blades during use. The 3 blades are also dishwasher safe, so clean up is a breeze. This has been a great help in the kitchen as I’m able to easily prepare food without having to invest too much time or energy into doing so. 

Plus, my children can participate in the preparation process too which strengthens our bond! Furthermore, its inclined curvature ensures that any grated ingredients come out smoothly while reducing jamming in the grater. All-in-all this is an excellent product and I’d highly recommend it as a gift for anyone who loves to cook!


– Easy to use 

– No electricity required

– Handle provides extra safety 

– 3 blades are dishwasher safe

– Multi-functional grater can slice, shred, grate, and grind various ingredients 

– Inclined curvature 


– None!

Cheese Shredder Commercial Benefits

cheese shredder commercial


Using a cheese shredder commercial is an incredibly efficient way to process large amounts of cheese quickly and easily. It eliminates the need to cut each piece by hand which saves time in preparation as well as clean up afterwards. Moreover, since it produces consistent results with little effort required from the user, it is ideal for busy restaurants or caterers who need high quality shredded cheeses fast.  


A cheese shredder commercial allows users to create different types of shredded cheeses including fine strands, thick chunks or even crumbles depending on their preference or recipe requirements. This adds more variety when using shredded cheeses in dishes such as pizza toppings or salads because they can provide different textures and flavors with just one tool.


A cheese shredder commercial is the perfect tool for creating a variety of dishes from sandwiches to salads, pizzas and more. It can also be used to quickly process a range of different types of cheeses including soft types like mozzarella as well as hard varieties such as cheddar or parmesan. This makes it an ideal solution for caterers who need to quickly prepare large batches of food while still maintaining quality results. 

Ease of Use

Cheese shredder commercials are designed with convenience in mind so they are very easy to use. Most models come with simple controls that make it easy to adjust the size and texture of the cheese being shredded without having to spend time calibrating or adjusting settings. This makes them perfect for busy restaurants that need to quickly prepare dishes without having to spend time tinkering with the machine. 

cheese shredder commercial


A cheese shredder commercial is a great way to save money in the long run since it eliminates the need for buying pre-shredded cheeses which often contain preservatives that can affect the taste and quality of the food. Moreover, since it can handle large volumes of cheese quickly and easily, it is also able to save time which helps lower overhead costs. Overall, a cheese shredder commercial is an excellent investment for any restaurant or catering business looking to save money while still providing high-quality results every time. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Cheese Shredder Commercial


When looking for a cheese shredder commercial machine, it’s important to consider its durability. You want something that won’t break down easily or require frequent repairs due to wear and tear from constant use. Look for machines made with high-quality materials such as stainless steel or aluminum alloy and those that are designed with robust internal components like gears and motors that won’t fail under pressure. It’s also worth noting whether there are parts available if anything does need replacing over time. 


Speed is another factor worth taking into consideration when choosing a cheese shredder commercial machine; faster machines mean more output in less time, leading to greater efficiency in your operations overall. Consider how much cheese you need to shred in a day and look for machines that match those requirements. Also think about how long it will take to set up the machine before it can start working properly – some models are quicker than others.

Speed of Cleaning 

In addition to speed, also consider the ease and speed with which the machine can be cleaned. Cheese shredder commercial machine require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they remain safe and sanitary; opting for a model with easy-to-clean surfaces and components could save you time in the long run. It’s also worthwhile looking into whether any spare parts or accessories are available that make cleaning simpler – this could help extend your machine’s lifespan too. 

cheese shredder commercial


Of course, price is also a major factor when it comes to buying any equipment for your commercial kitchen. Look at different models from different brands to get an idea of what kind of options are available in your budget range, but don’t forget to consider the other factors too – you may end up spending more money on repairs or replacements if you skimp on quality.


It’s important that safety features and considerations are taken into account when looking for cheese shredder commercial machine; look for machines with good safety ratings and those which come with additional features such as guards around moving parts or sensors that shut down the machine if something goes wrong. 

FAQs about Cheese Shredder Commercial

What types of cheese can be shredded with a commercial cheese shredder?

A cheese shredder commercial can be used to shred a wide variety of cheeses, including hard and semi-hard cheeses such as parmesan, cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, and Mozzarella. Depending on the size of the shredder and the blade configuration, it is also possible to shred softer types of cheese like feta, ricotta, and cream cheese. 

Some cheese shredder commercials may also have adjustable blades allowing for different thickness levels of shredded cheese. With proper care and maintenance, a cheese shredder commercial should provide years of reliable performance in high-volume settings such as restaurants or large catering operations.

What is the difference between a manual and an electric commercial cheese shredder? 

The main difference between a manual and an electric cheese shredder commercial is one of speed and convenience. A manual cheese shredder commercial requires more physical labor to operate, as it must be manually cranked or pulled in order to produce the desired output. An electric cheese shredder commercial, on the other hand, utilizes powerful blades usually powered by electricity and can produce much larger amounts of shredded cheese with little effort. 

Electric models are often preferred when dealing with large volumes of cheese due to their higher speed and efficiency. Additionally, they tend to require less maintenance than manual models. In terms of overall cost-effectiveness, however, manual models can still offer value due to their low purchase price compared to electric counterparts.

cheese shredder commercial

Do I need to buy additional accessories for my cheese shredder commercial? 

It depends on the type of cheese shredder commercial you have. Some may come with additional accessories to help provide more versatility and convenience, such as adjustable blade settings for different thickness levels of shredded cheese, or various attachments for shredding other types of food items. 

Many cheese shredder commercial machines also require additional accessories for proper maintenance and operation, such as lubricants to ensure smooth and efficient performance over time. Purchasing these additional accessories can add to the overall cost of operating a cheese shredder commercial and should be factored into any budget considerations.

Is there any maintenance required for my cheese shredder commercial?

Yes, regular maintenance is required for cheese shredder commercial in order to ensure optimal performance and longevity. It is important to clean the blades and other components regularly in order to prevent the buildup of cheese residue that can lead to clogging or jamming of the machine. 

Additionally, lubricants should be applied on a regular basis in order to keep the blades working at their best and reduce wear and tear on the motor. It is also recommended that safety guards be checked frequently for any signs of damage or distortion, as they are vital for ensuring user safety during operation. By taking all these steps and more, your cheese shredder commercial will continue to work reliably for years to come.


The NEWRTY 750W Commercial Electric Cheese Shredder is an excellent choice for anyone looking to make their commercial kitchen more efficient. Its robust motor and durable construction mean it can handle any cheese shredding task with ease, while its adjustable blades give you the flexibility to create a range of different shapes and sizes. 

[amazon box=”B08P5B1Z35″ ]

With safety features like a protective cover and non-slip feet, you can rest assured that your employees are safe when using this machine. Plus, its affordable price tag makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes. If you’re in need of a reliable cheese shredder commercial that won’t break the bank, then look no further than the cheese shredder commercial – perfect for creating delicious dishes quickly!