Best popsicle molds eco-friendly

There are a few new sets of popsicle molds to drool over this summer, plus some of the molds we all know and love have introduced new colors this year. All in all we’ve got 50+ popsicle molds to cover this year, so let’s get started!

To kick off the 2024 popsicle mold guide, first let’s take a look at some posts that will have your ice pop making adventures up and running in no time.

As always, I only post popsicle molds in my annual guide if they’re 100% reusable (with few exceptions) and BPA-free (to the best of my research ability). We’ve got a lot of popsicle molds to sort through, and with so many ice pop molds on the market, it can be tough to decide which molds to get. That said, I’ve sorted some of the best popsice molds out into various categories, which may help make your buying decision easier.

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Best popsicle molds for adults & older kids

A lot of ice pop molds are too small for adults and bigger kids. The molds below offer more pop for your bite and are well-suited to various kinds of popsicles including fruit, yogurt, ice cream and more!

Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds

[amazon box=”B000G32H3Y”]

I’m fairly prejudiced about Tovolo popsicle molds. This brand of molds was the first I ever bought, they’re still going strong and they work like a dream. Read my Tovolo mold review.

Tovolo Star Pop Molds

[amazon box=”B00395DDNE”]

Honestly, I LOVE the star molds most of all, but they have a bit of an odd shape to lick or bite, which makes them a little less user-friendly than the Groovy molds. Still, they’re awesome.

Zoku Classic Pop Molds

[amazon box=”B00CDL33Q2″]

Not having used these I can’t comment personally, but I’ve read great things about these molds and they’re a great size for adults and older kids.

Best ice pop molds for toddlers

For toddlers, you’re gonna want a smaller ice pop mold. These smaller than average molds are also perfect if you have a picky eater who may only want a few bites of a popsicle before tossing it.

Bell Dream Little Bites Ice Pop Molds

[amazon box=”B086M3XY8Z”]

These cute push-pop molds offer toddler-sized pops in a nice little package.

Kidco Healthy Snack Frozen Treat Trays

[amazon box=”B0012S9D4S”]

These molds are great for fruit and yogurt pops that are small enough for toddlers. The one downside is that the molds aren’t single serve.

Tovolo Blue Rocket Pops

[amazon box=”B000G34F1Q”]

For toddlers who can eat a bit more pop, Tovolo Rocket Pop Molds are nice, offering a wee bit bigger pop (but not too big) and a fun shape little kids LOVE. When my son was younger, him and his friends always asked for this shape first.

Best ice pop molds for babies

Babies can eat ice pops like anyone else. For tips, check out my popsicle molds for babies post or learn how to make vanilla tofu pops for babies.

Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray

[amazon box=”B00KFP6NHO”]

I have these molds and one, they’re super spectacular for baby pops and two, they’re also awesome molds for testing out new popsicle flavors. Because why make a large ice pop if the flavor’s not perfect.

Munchkin Click Lock Fresh Food Freezer Pops

[amazon box=”B078WRTMXL”]

These molds are tiny and perfect for babies, but you get to make 6 pops not 4 as with the mold above.

Best ice pop molds for parties

Ice pops are perfect summer party food for kids (and adults). However, they can cause a sticky mess. Your best bet is to use small molds so the ice pops vanish faster and send the kids outside with the pops.

Tovolo Jewel Pop Molds

[amazon box=”B001WAKDMW”]

Jewel pops are super fun for a party and small enough that kids will likely eat them up before they melt everywhere.

Zoku Mini Pop Molds

[amazon box=”B00CDL3538″]

These mini pops are round and cute and super tiny, plus you can make 9 at a time.

Best ice pop molds for families with limited freezer space

Folks with small freezers often think they can’t make ice pops all summer long, but they can! To learn more read, How to store homemade ice pops – even in a very small freezer.

Norpro Frost Pop Maker

[amazon box=”B00A0JZGKK”]

This mold set is beautiful and slender, making it a win in even small freezers. Any single serve molds, say like the Tovolo Groovy molds or star molds posted above, or the Cuisipro Snap Fit Circle Pop Molds, can be used sans stand, making them easy to freeze and store anywhere, even in your freezer door.

Best ice pop molds for juicy pops

I’ve found that regular molds don’t work too well for extra juicy pops. Juicy pops with a faster melting point, say like some fresh fruit pops, drip all over regular mold handles. However, the molds below hold the juice in better.

Norpro Silicone Ice Pop Maker Set

[amazon box=”B0036B9KHO”]

I have this set and it works great for extra juicy pops like honeydew popsicles or lemonade pops. The downside is that it doesn’t come with a stand, so I just freeze them standing upright in a freezer-safe cup.

Best ice pop molds for kids on the go

Kids on the go and ice pops don’t entirely mix. Kids are pros at losing regular mold handles, especially when running around. It’s best to either find a mold with an attached lid or use other push-pop molds that allow the kids to take the lid off and go.

Popsicle Molds with Attached Cap plus Perfect Popsicle Holder

[amazon box=”B00M0X07WG”]

These molds are colorful for kids and the attached lid is less likely to be misplaced.

Best ice pop molds for ice cream pops

For ice cream pops, you want to use a smaller mold, because ice cream pops are rich and not always as healthy as other pop flavors.

Tovolo Ice Cream Pop Molds

[amazon box=”B00395BD86″]

The clear winner here is this set. Not only do these molds look perfect for ice cream pops (clearly) but they work awesome and with a little warm water pops slide right out. I use these molds for ice cream pops and other creamy pops, like chocolate chip cookie dough, all the time. Kids in particular adore these molds because they’re so unique and fun. One last benefit of these molds is you can freeze them sans base because the molds have such wide handles.

Best ice pop molds for creamy pops

Creamy pops such as chocolate or yogurt don’t always freeze as well as juice-based pops, making them hard to get out of fancy molds without breaking them. You want a smoother mold for creamy pops.

Cuisipro Snap Fit Circle Pop Mold

[amazon box=”B007JT27CO”]

I’ve heard mixed reviews of these molds, but personally, I think they work great. I use them for chocolate ice pops all the time and they’re also a winner when making harder pops such as ice tea pops or lemonade pops. The design is simple, streamlined and modern, plus these molds can be frozen one at a time or attached together in a nice straight line.

These molds also come in a Square style and a Triangle style.

Best ice pop molds for silly fun

The molds below aren’t everyday mold fare, but they will impress and delight your kids, not to mention adults.

Mustard Frosty Friends Mold

[amazon box=”B008RXC6UY”]

Hilarious silly face fun for kiddos.

Mustard Lollypop Men Mold

[amazon box=”B0087D2MV2″]

Honestly, I think the shape of these probably leads to lots of drips, so you won’t want to use them all the time, but they’re hyper cute and if you send the kids outside to eat their pops, it’s gonna be ok.

Star Wars Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

[amazon box=”B07RLVFCBC”]

What’s not to love? Every single Star Wars fan out there needs a set of these killer molds, which by the way, really do glow like a tiny icy lightsaber.

All the molds above are clear winners when it comes to specific ice pop categories, but they’re not the only molds in town. Far from it. Below are plenty of other popsicle mold choices for your family.

Best ice pop molds for plastic-free families

I don’t own any stainless steel ice pop molds, mainly due to two factors: cost and the sticks. I haven’t seen a stainless steel set that’s made with reusable handles, forcing you to purchase and use countless wooden sticks, which is far less eco-friendly than reusable handles. Additionally, stainless steel molds are expensive – much more costly than any other molds. It may be worth the cost if you don’t want to use silicone or plastic, but you’d also need to work in the cost of on-going sticks.

Onyx 18/8 Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold

[amazon box=”B003R4AHTK”]

I’ve read mixed reviews of the Onyx molds. Some reviews I read said there can be steel shavings in your pops (yikes) but some were positive so really do some extra research before you buy this set.

Freezycup Stainless Steel Indivdual Popsicle Mold – Orange and Green

[amazon box=”B08BQDLWPC”]

To learn more about these molds, read this Freezycup post.

Best ice pop molds for single pop servings

All the molds below are single-serve, which is a huge benefit in my opinion because you never have to run warm water over the entire mold set.

Cuisipro Snap Fit Sailboat Pop Mold

[amazon box=”B004U5DVQG”]

I have these sailboat molds and overall I like them, but not for all pops. I never make juicy pops with these molds anymore, because the base of the handle collects juice, then propels it out if you move your hand – this makes for flying juice drops every which way. I do however like these molds for creamy pops like yogurt or chocolate.

Cuisipro Pop Mold Mini Safari

[amazon box=”B00TZLUIVG”]

This is the first Cuipipro mini mold on the market and they’re adorable, like tiny berries. Plus, once your child eats the pop a cool jungle animal is revealed in the handle.

Prepara Volcano

[amazon box=”B0026L7BLC”]

These pop molds are unique in that they’re hollow and can be filled (once frozen) with extra goodies of your choosing.

ZOKU Mod Pops, 6 Classic Popsicle Molds in One Compact Tray With Sticks and Drip Guards

[amazon box=”B01DF3U0SA”]

I haven’t heard bad things about these molds, but I do feel like the shape might make eating them weird. Just my opinion. I’m still posting them because for kids they might be perfect.

Zoku Individual Character Pops

[amazon box=”B00OBKD1KQ”]

I LOVE Zoku’s newer character molds. I think they’re a little expensive, but you cannot beat how cute they are.

Zoku Space Pop Molds

[amazon box=”B00UBE4T8Y”]

Space characters are another Zoku offering in the popsicle mold department.

Zoku Polar Pop Molds

[amazon box=”B00UASZB3I”]

A Williams-Sonoma exclusive and super cute for polar-loving kids.

Hog Wild Shark Pops

[amazon box=”B00BIK3YFO”]

Perfect for shark loving kids!

Hog Wild Dino Pops

[amazon box=”B005NY3EBK”]

With the new Jurassic Park movie coming soon, kids are gonna be clamoring for these dino pops.

Mastrad Ice Pop Molds

[amazon box=”B001RCTMTU”]

I love my Mastrad molds. I’ve had slight issues with getting the silicone part peeled off my pops, but overall, if you freeze your popsicles long enough, these work great. Plus they’re a bit smaller than average and great for younger kids.

Ikea Chosigt Ice pop maker

[amazon box=”B00R419Z0O”]

Cute, old-school looking molds.

Cuisipro Snap Fit Rocket Pop Mold

[amazon box=”B004U5DVZ2″]

Another rocket pop offering.

Fred and Friends Bananice Ice Molds

[amazon box=”B00JTRGHAM”]

The coldest banana your kids will ever get.

Fred and Friends Samurice Ice Molds

[amazon box=”B00JTRGH98″]

An insanely cool mold set for ninja-loving kiddos.

Best ice pop molds for a push pop experience

Push pop molds aren’t my favorite molds, but it’s very nice to have a set or two around if you’re a dedicated popsicle maker. Especially for juicy pops. Bonus, if you run out of lunch box containers, you can fill some of these guys with little snacks like small crackers, nuts or raisins.

Nature’s Kitchen – Silicone Popsicle Molds

[amazon box=”B00NEZBNZ4″]

Push Pop Molds Rasberry

[amazon box=”B0089NROC2″]

Push Pop Molds Green

[amazon box=”B0089NPWS0″]

Popze IcePopIt Premium Popsicle Molds with Elegant Stand

[amazon box=”B00NQY1YIE”]

Swirly Pops Ice Pop Molds – Rainbow Colors

[amazon box=”B00NJP2TIO”]

Jokari Cool Cones and Dessert Shooters Party Kit

[amazon box=”B00J9SS86M”]

FoodWorks – Silicone Ice Pop Maker Molds

[amazon box=”B00D9HQ30W”]

Fred and Friends Lickety Pops tongue-shaped ice pops

[amazon box=”B007HQN00C”]

Pretty much the most unique (and silly for kids) push pop mold you’ll find.

Other ice pop mold options (not single serve)

Below are popsicle molds that are not single serve, meaning, to get a pop out, you have to mess with the whole mold. It’s not a deal breaker – in fact I own some, but I do like single serve molds better.

Siliconezone Sillypop, Orange/Pink/Green/Blue

[amazon box=”B08GP4B46G”]

I’m curious about how well these work considering the handles are so slim and feature an almost non-existent base, but my sheer love of all things ice pops might persuade me to try these just because they’re unique. I’d probably use them for adults and older kids though.

Silicone Muffin Pan Set

[amazon box=”B08H1KMCFL”]

This is another mold offered by Siliconezone and there’s also a Siliconezone Mini Pop set if you’re looking for smaller pops.

Homemade Popsicle Molds Shapes

[amazon box=”B07CSPLV65″]

I don’t like the design of these molds, but Haba is generally a good company and these do look cute and quick for little kids.

Tovolo Penguin Popsicle Molds

[amazon box=”B01DC7HQCW”]

These are like the molds directly above, but with sweet sea shapes.

Zoku Fish Pop Molds

[amazon box=”B00I3JWXZA”]

This mold features various sea critter shapes and a slim base.

Zoku Round Pop Molds

[amazon box=”B00CDL36JQ”]

Honestly, I can’t wrap my head around such round pops. I think they’d be tough to eat. However, I’ve read MANY positive reviews of this set, so you may want to give it a whirl.

Fresh Silicone Pop Maker

[amazon box=”B00MF4C41M”]

Seriously, these are so super adorable! Perfect for toddlers!

Best ice pop making supplies

Beyond organic ingredients and a good set of popsicle molds, you don’t need many supplies to whip up ice pops. You will however need some sort of blender. In 12 years I’ve gone through 2 blenders and now I’m using the Ninja instead. It works great for both ice pop mixtures and REALLY well for homemade mocha “Frappuccinos” – I honestly love it so much more than my old blenders.

Ninja Master Prep

[amazon box=”B003XU3C7M”]

If you don’t want a Ninja, pick a blender that costs between $30-$50. If you pay less, you’ll get a blender than breaks easily when you need to use ice in your popsicle recipe. However, for popsicles, you really don’t need a super expensive blender, so paying more than $50 is just silly. I had the blender below and it worked great for ice pops for years. If you don’t want a Ninja or blender, it’s ok. You can make some ice pops without either, but you’ll be more limited on the types of popsicles you can make.

Oster 10-Speed Blender

[amazon box=”B00006IUUU”]

If you decide to buy push pops and they don’t come with a stand, the nice little stand below will be an asset. I don’t have one, so I place my push pop molds in a cup, standing upright, which works ok, but sometimes they slant and are hard to keep upright.

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Easy Fill Silicone Popsicle Stand

[amazon box=”B00F5X0YGW”]

The last thing you’ll need to make ice pops are recipes. You can browse the recipes here or check out the recipes at Eco Ice Pops or you can pick up a handy popsicle recipe book. You can also experiment!

Have fun making your ice pops this year!