Best Mermaid Aprons For The Kitchen Reviews in 2024

If you enjoy time in the kitchen or behind a bbq, some of the coolest aprons we have seen are mermaid themed and you can look like a mermaid even when cooking.

No matter what you are cooking, seafood or even Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, wearing best mermaid aprons can finish that nautical theme off in your home.

When cooking we don our apron for nearly ever meal prep and kitchen adventure. We have looked in to stylish and hardwearing mermaid aprons so that you look the part and keep your clothes and self covered.

Top Best Mermaid Aprons For The Kitchen Reviews

It’s hard to choose our favourite mermaid apron as the designs, style and materials are all so different. We’re sure that you’ll have your own and each are just as capable as the others in terms of doing a fine job of protecting your clothes during cooking and looking great at the same time.

As far as nautical designs go, the Kawaii is probably our most liked apron design. It will suit more people, young and old. If you are after something which is more childish and has a more whimsical design the Rachel Ellam and Dexam mermaid aprons are much more inkeeping with that feeling.

If you are after something that will get you some looks, the Bags of Room mermaid apron will definitely cover this.

Rachel Ellen Secretly a Mermaid Childrens Apron

This is a review of the Rachel Ellen Secretly a Mermaid Childrens Apron which has a beautiful illustration and mermaid pattern on the front.

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The Rachel Ellen Secretly A Mermaid apron is a fun and vibrant underwater mermaid themed apron. This apron is perfect for busy, creative and messy children that absolutely love mermaids too.

In true Rachel Ellen style the design is beautifully whimsical yet artistic and characterful, a wonderful mermaid with flowers in her hair and a small crown on her head is seen with her friends which are a wide range of marine creatures from star fish, jellyfish to turtles and seahorses.

The apron itself is made from PVC, making it very hard wearing and easy to wipe clean after cooking, baking, craft work or painting. The straps to the top and back are made for a cotton twill.

The apron is available to buy using Amazon Prime making it quick delivery and efficient service.


  • Fun and vibrant mermaid design
  • Many colourful marine creatures included
  • Easy to clean
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime


The Rachel Ellen Secretly A Mermaid apron is fun, mermaidaizing yet up to the challenge of all sorts of children activities from craft to cookery.

WONDERTIFY Watercolor Mermaid Apron

This is a review of the WONDERTIFY Watercolor Mermaid Apron which has more of a jean like and tougher fabric feel to it. This means it is much more hard wearing yet has a lovely cute mermaid design on the front.

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The WONDERTIFY Watercolor Mermaid Apron is a simple yet pretty design. It has a large mermaid print wearing a crown and a few fishy friends. The apron is made from 100% cotton making it comfortable to wear but it also fairly easy to clean. It is not as simple as wiping it down but it can be machine washed.

The straps are also made from cotton and the beck strap is also adjustable for extra comfort. It is also very nicely presented making it a wonderful gift at a reasonable price.


  • Simple and pretty mermaid design
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Machine washable


  • Will require machine washing if gets mess on
  • Design may be too simple for some peoples taste


A simple, pretty yet adjustable and machine washable apron.

PASHOP 2 Pack Kids Apron Rainbow Mermaid Aprons

This is a review of the PASHOP 2 Pack Kids Apron Rainbow Mermaid Aprons which has a beautiful underwater illustration on the front of a mermaid and narwhal creatures.

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The PASHOP 2 Pack Kids Apron Rainbow Mermaid Aprons has an adorable design, with a Mermaid cuddling a narwhal. It is a large print that is colourful and cute.

This is a great apron for a wide mixture of people from cooks to crafters. It has a large pocket to the lower front to carry extra tools, pens or brushes.

The blue and black colour also helps to reduce the amount of mess that shows straight away. The apron is made from 100% polyester making it robust and durable.


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a large front pocket


  • Slow delivery


The Kawaii mermaid apron is a lovey mermaid apron for those who need a pocket on their apron and also love narwhals as much as mermaids!

WERNNSAI Kids Apron with Pocket Adjustable Strap Polyester Baby Toddler Bib Apron

This is a review of the WERNNSAI Kids Apron with Pocket Adjustable Strap Polyester Baby Toddler Bib Apron, a really cool looking mermaid apron which scallops on the chest.

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The WERNNSAI Kids Apron with Pocket Adjustable Strap Polyester Baby Toddler Bib Apron is a simple yet quirky mermaid design. There is no mermaid on the actual apron rather the apron makes you become a mermaid. The apron has two pink shells and mermaid scales to the lower section of the apron.

The apron is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, the combination of both makes it very durable and hard wearing. This apron is also cheap as chips making it a terrific stocking filler.


  • Simple design
  • You become a mermaid
  • Durable and hard wearing material
  • Cheap
  • Easy to clean


  • Slow delivery


This is a simple apron that makes you become a mermaid at a cheap and cheerful price.