Top 6 Best 2-Handle Kitchen Faucets – Experts’ Choice In 2024

Best 2-Handle Kitchen Faucets: There is an argument to be made between two handles and a single-handle kitchen faucet when people are choosing a new kitchen faucet. One of the best options for your kitchen sink is a two-handle faucet because it can be installed with a water heater and can provide both hot and cold water. If you do not have a dishwasher, you will be able to easily wash those greasy plates when you have instant hot water accessible to you.

As well as being able to access warm water for making bread without having to heat it, it also offers many other benefits. In this article, we will examine why dual or two-handle kitchen faucets are an excellent option for a new faucet installation in your kitchen.

best 2 handle kitchen faucets

Top 6 Best 2-Handle Kitchen Faucets Reviews

The following are some of the best dual-handle kitchen faucets on the market.

Airuida Chrome Kitchen Faucet

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Kitchen faucets and floating sinks are a bit difficult to install but provide a sophisticated look. A chrome wall-mount faucet like the Airuida Chrome Wall Mount Faucet is a great option for wall-mounted sinks. It provides excellent versatility while remaining reasonably priced.

For those looking to install a wall-mounted faucet on a budget, Airuida Chrome Polish Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Faucet is a great option. This durable faucet’s swivel capability, 360-degree swivel, and pull-down sprayer make it the perfect kitchen partner.

You can fill pots, wash dishes, and more with the pull-down sprayer. It’s not button-operated, making it a bit challenging to use. It is possible to pivot this whole faucet around 360°, so you can easily reach every corner of your sink, or you can use it in a double sink.

With the tap’s adjustable angle, you can help wash larger dishes or rinse the corners of the sink by adjusting it up to 82° while in operation. Featuring a two-handle design and a lead-free guarantee, this two-handle kitchen faucet is entirely constructed of brass. You can choose between black, nickel, chrome, and brass finishes, depending on the style of your kitchen.

On the hot and cold mixer valves, there are two cross handles for controlling the temperature and flow of water. The kitchen sink faucet is mounted on the wall and is easy to install. The installation instructions are included. In addition, it is extremely easy to clean.


  • The pull-down sprayer
  • Adjustment of angles
  • Design made of solid brass
  • Swivels 360°


  • Flow regulator absent

High craft 393II Kitchen Faucet

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You need to choose the Highcraft 393II if you wish to maintain an equilibrium between beauty and usability when picking the best two-handle kitchen faucet. Its main goal is to stop you from experiencing any shortages when cleaning and filling any kind of task, despite its mammoth flow rate of 2.2GPM at 60 PSI.

Its high arc spout allows users to wash their hands, wash big pots and pans, and accommodate large cookware for cleaning. Cleaning and filling are a breeze with the handy side sprayer and thumb-applied trigger. It is a pleasant surprise to discover that the side sprayer’s hose can be extended 48 inches, thus offering maximum cleaning flexibility at any sink spot.

Moreover, the swivel feature in the hose will be a great help to you since you can easily clean and fill the hose as necessary. A faucet that saves water without compromising performance or functionality, this faucet is certified by WaterSense for water efficiency.

Two handles make using the shower easy, with the ability to adjust the water temperature and flow as simply as turning them. It requires four holes and a 1/2-inch IPS connection for installation. Check the product’s compatibility before buying.

A premium lead-free solid brass construction means you’ll have no leaking or dripping issues with this faucet in the kitchen for years to come. A high-quality chrome finish, as well as easy cleaning and corrosion resistance make this the ideal addition to any kitchen.

The asymmetrical design in the kitchen creates a pleasant eye outlook. This design exudes a contemporary perspective with its high arc design and elegant lines that will captivate everyone. In addition to adding to the overall look, the chrome-plated finish blends seamlessly with any traditional style kitchen decor.


  • Easy to fit small corner sinks, elegant design
  • Installation is not complicated
  • Good water pressure
  • The sprayer pullout hose reaches very far into the sink, ensuring full coverage


  • Most of the inner parts are plastic chrome painted

Peerless Tunbridge 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

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With its outstanding performance, the Peerless Tunbridge P299578LF-SS kitchen tap camouflages itself in a simplistic appearance while still outclassing many top-end alternatives. You can easily adapt the water’s temperature to suit different kitchen chores with this traditional two-handle setup mounted on a deck plate.

However, the high-arc 9-inch spout offers space beneath for uninterrupted movement as well as an aerated stream that is splash-free. With its flow rate of 1.8GPM at 60PSI, this machine is more than adequate for home cleaning jobs and pot filling.

Tunbridge’s swivel head allows you to direct the water to any part of the sink, making it a highly versatile and convenient faucet. The dominant side sprayer can remove any hard stain from your cookware very easily and is yet another feature that you will appreciate.

You can also fill up pots with the sprayer without moving it from the countertop to the sink with its retractable hose. Having smooth, fluid body lines and a sleek blade handle design, we can confidently state that you will appreciate its minimalistic appeal.

Despite its low price, the two-handle kitchen faucet boasts a striking body curve in stainless steel to complement your kitchen’s decor. It is made from lead-free metal and has no washers, so it can be used for years without leaks or damage.

This brilliant finish keeps the body’s surface free of water spots and rust or corrosion. Even though it has a four-hole, eight-inch configuration setup, it manages to install quite easily, even without requiring expert assistance.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Using the side sprayer
  • Featuring lightweight construction
  • There is a little distance between the backsplash and the cabinet


  • It has a plastic body

EZ-FLO 10201 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

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In terms of ease and price, the EZ-FLO 10201 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet is perfect. With its attractive design and affordable price, this versatile kitchen faucet with a pull-out spray is well-suited for many kitchen tasks.

You will only have to unscrew the aerator in order to install your portable dishwasher adapter. This faucet is undoubtedly one of the best in terms of ease of installation, second only to its attractive price. If you follow the instructions carefully, even a complete novice could set up the faucet in about 45-50 minutes.

Standard gauge kitchen sink mounts are compatible with the faucet. Because it extends 9-16 inches into the sink, people with severe back issues will have no problem installing it beneath the sink.

The instructions on the box or tutorials online will allow you to set up this faucet without any installation experience. A properly tightened base will result in the least amount of leakage around the handles.

Chrome-coated brass is used for the faucet, while plastic is used for the side sprayer, hose, nuts, and hot and cold water connectors, thus explaining the low price.

Now, the spout head is located too low in the sink, although the faucet arc is very high. However, it leaves something to be desired even though there is enough clearance to wash large utensils.


  • Once everything is fully tightened, there is no leak
  • An easy installation beneath the sink
  • The surface is glossy, durable, anticorrosive
  • Fill cups and bottles, and prepare food using the side-sprayer


  • No supply lines are included

DELTA Windemere kitchen faucets

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Windemere 21996LF – a classic two-handle kitchen faucet with a side sprayer – is another choice worth considering for fans of Delta Faucet. The piece is not overly fancy, but it is nonetheless a decent, well-made one.

Obviously, the faucet requires four holes (3 if you don’t include the sprayer). Someone familiar with faucets might find such remarks redundant. You should take into account the mounting holes on the sink/countertop before purchasing a new kitchen faucet for the new players in this field.

Now, as you can clearly see, this faucet is a normal, two-handle faucet without any fancy technology. In terms of a true Delta Faucet experience, this one will have to suffice.

It is nevertheless a fair and economical choice.

The two handles on the faucet are adequate. Besides the 360-degree swivel ability, the long reach of the spout provides enough space to practice the routines of cooking. As for the range of the side sprayer, it also has exceptional performance.

Plastic is used for the most part (including the sprayer), except for the stainless steel levers on the handles. Plastic fixtures obviously do not appeal to many people. Plastics have their advantages as well. Its low cost, as well as its lightweight and corrosion resistance, makes it a common component in faucet manufacture.

With regards to appearance, the faucet has an attractive design. In addition, the design looks particularly good with the oil-rubbed bronze finish. Other options are not really bad-looking, but they aren’t as good. Stainless models are as equally well-crafted as their brass counterparts, and they’re finished in a tarnishing- and discoloration-resistant Delta Brilliance finish.

Among the things you should consider is the Windemere 21996LF. Even though this Delta faucet is basic in appearance, it is functional and backed by a lifetime warranty. It is priced around $100 and offers enough utility to meet most daily kitchen needs.


  • Design is good
  • Long side sprayer that pulls out
  • Budget-friendly
  • The sprayer on the side included


  • After a few years, the seal is prone to leak

Kingston Brass kitchen faucets

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This collection has an aesthetic colonial elegance, true to its name. Elegant yet simple round curves and Victorian-style spouts add grace and elegance to this classic early American design. Featuring a 360-degree swivel hook spout and 8″ centerset setup, this kitchen faucet includes a double handle setup.

For controlling water flow, the handle rotates 1/4 of a turn. The maximum flow rate is 1.8 gpm / 6.8 pm at 60 pounds per square inch. We supply solid brass products that are both durable and reliable. We also offer different finishes that resist stains, scratches, and chipping. Stainless steel sprayer is included.

Your kitchen ensemble will be enhanced by the lavish presence of this beautiful faucet which is traditionally stylish. The unique bridge design is a popular choice for those doing period kitchens, regardless of whether you’re going for a Victorian-inspired space or a vibrant 1950s-themed space.

The polished chrome finish stands out against any kitchen decor because of its architectural elements and detailing. This fixture features brass construction, a side sprayer, and swivel capabilities, all of which enable it to be a strong and dependable fixture.

A sophisticated tap with a comprehensive collection of modern highlights that is based on vintage motifs of the mid-19th century.

This model is perfect if you’re emulating an old-fashioned kitchen or something with a Victorian feel. For people who want to create kitchens out of the style of past eras, these scaffolding faucets are the ideal choice.

A brushed nickel finish completes this faucet’s specification and technical components, as well as reflecting your kitchen’s style. A rotatable knob, a drip-free artistic cartridge, and a metal sprayer are included with the model to promote productive use of it. The material used for the development is also of the highest quality, and you can have full certainty in its strength.

There is no risk of contamination or consumption with this faucet. By rotating the surge 360 degrees, you can adjust how much space you have in your sink. There is a 13-inch height and an 8.5-inch reach to the torrent. Thus, the space in the sink is not obstructed by the surge.


  • Water flowing consistently
  • Texture of solidity
  • Various finishes available
  • There is no need for periodic maintenance


  • Modern faucets lack some convenient features

FAQs – Best 2-Handle Kitchen Faucets

What is a “water saver” faucet?

best 2 handle kitchen faucets

A: The nozzle used by most water-saving faucets mixes water with air, known as an “aerator.” This reduces the amount of water that is consumed while allowing the stream of water to come out with plenty of force. Most kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets use aerators because they also help reduce splashing.

How can I find out how many holes my sink has?

The simplest way to deal with it is to look at it. You probably have two holes in a sink with a single-handle faucet and a sprayer, for example. For the faucet, there is one hole, and for the sprayer, there is another.

Although it isn’t always so straightforward, many sinks have concealed holes that are protected with plugs and covers. In case your sink has this problem, you can shine a flashlight underneath it and try to check the faucet. A look at the holes from below should reveal a clear view.

Which is better, one or two handle faucets?

A: It is easier to control the water temperature when you have a two-handle faucet rather than a one-handle faucet. A two-handle faucet provides individual control of hot and cold water as well as allows more accurate control of the water flow rate.

best 2 handle kitchen faucets

What is the most popular finish for faucets?

The following are some of the most common finishes

  • Polished Nickel – PN.
  • Satin Nickel – SN.
  • Classic Bronze – CLZ.
  • Satin Brass – SB.
  • Chrome – CH.
  • Stainless Steel– SS.
  • Matte Black – MB.
  • Unlacquered Polished Brass– UPB.

What is the current trend in faucet finishes?

A nickel finish has a long life and can be polished to a high shine. Nickel adds character to your space while keeping it simple and clean. Among the most popular faucet color trends in 2021 is classic nickel, which is best suited to any color scheme.


These faucets are among the best two-handle kitchen faucets you can buy today. Make sure that you compare your alternatives before you make a decision. A variety of safety criteria was taken into account when selecting these products. Buying them will give you real value for your money since they are durable and long-lasting.

You can choose the option that best suits your preferences and budget. Buy where the product will be delivered quickly, and ensure that you pay attention to the shipping cost. It is useful information for people who are searching for the product.

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